‘The Rookie’: The Team Gets Help from Other Side of the Law in Upcoming Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

The Rookie is finally back, and we have weeks of new, action-packed episodes ahead. But ABC is promising extra chaos in next week’s End Game.

In the show, the LAPD will be forced to work with a felon in order to diffuse a threat that could impact the entire city. And as expected, it won’t be easy for John Nolan and his fellow officers to swallow their pride and work with the enemy.

According to the show’s website, in season 4 episode 11, “the team must rely on a criminal for his expertise to help take down an even bigger threat. Meanwhile, Officers Chen and Bradford investigate the murder of an unhoused teenager who used to be friends with Tamara.”

Aside from all that, we’re hoping to see The Rookie continue to highlight the tension between Bailey and Nolan. Last week, we saw a little resolution from the fall cliffhanger that revealed Bailey was married to a criminal.

By the end of the episode, the officers managed to put him back behind bars—permanently. But the plot thickened when the team also sent Bailey to jail.

As of now, Bailey and Nolan are still a couple, but the new romance is seriously damaged.

Watch The Rookie’s End Game on Sunday, January 9th at 11/10 p.m. CT on ABC.

Here’s Why Bailey is in Jail on ‘The Rookie’

Bailey Nune ended up in hot water during last week’s episode of The Rookie—here’s why.

Last night, the drama with Bailey’s secret husband, Jason, finally came to fruition. Though the firefighter has been tight-lipped about the marriage throughout her entire run on the series, Bailey was finally willing to tell her new beau the truth.

But before she had the chance, she was arrested for possession after officers found drugs in her car. To make matters worse, if she’s charged with the felony, Bailey will be ineligible to continue working with the fire department.

Of course, Jason is behind the crime. After constant bullying, Bailey decided to stand up for herself and her husband decided to retaliate by planing the drugs. For some reason, the courts don’t believe that Bailey was framed. And to prove that, they refused to set bail.

Luckily, Nolan believes Bailey’s story, despite the fact that she’s been lying to him for months. And he’s determined to uncover the truth. But as of yet, Jason is refusing to admit to the plant.

Judging by previews for upcoming episodes, we know that Bailey will get out of jail. However, we don’t know if she’ll manage to save her career.

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