‘Hell or High Water’ TV Series in the Works at Fox

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

Taylor Sheridan’s 2016 Western Hell or High Water is getting made into a TV series. The almost two-hour-long Western received nearly perfect Rotten Tomato ratings -a 96% critic score and an 88% audience score. The film follows two brothers as they attempt to keep their family farm and pass it down through the family. One was left broke and unemployed after their mother died. The other was recently released from prison. Together, they rob banks to come up with money to pay off the house loan. The film starred Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, and Gil Birmingham. As a result of amazing acting and writing, the movie was nominated for four Academy Awards: best picture, best editing, best supporting actor for Jeff Bridges, and best original screenplay for Taylor Sheridan. With this in mind, we wonder what the TV series will bring us.

The Hell or High Water series will follow a similar storyline. Two oil tycoons are trying to take over their small ranching community in Texas. The two brothers try to avoid trouble as they fight to keep what’s theirs. Again, they rob banks to ensure their future. The TV series will share the same executive producers as the original 2016 movie. The movie was produced by Sidney Kimmel, John Penotti, Gigi Pritzker, Rachel Shane, Carla Hacken, and Julie Yorn. Fox Entertainment will produce the TV series together with SK Global. Although the producers are the same, as of right now none of the original cast is involved with the series, Variety reports.

‘Hell or High Water’ Is One Example of Taylor Sheridan’s Genius

Some might know Taylor Sheridan for his role on Sons of Anarchy, but the star is so much more than that. He’s the mastermind behind one of our personal favorites here at Outsider, Yellowstone. Not to mention Yellowstone‘s prequel show, 1883. Even then, he’s done more innovative shows. For example, Sheridan has recently written Land Man, which is based on a podcast. It seems that no matter what the actor-turned-writer does, he spins gold. Hell or High Water is just one of the many examples of that. Seeing as how his other shows have become a massive success, the prospect of a TV series for Hell or High Water is exciting.

Sheridan collects praise everywhere he goes, including from Yellowstone castmates and workers. Singer-songwriter Lainey Wilson has nothing but good things to say about the TV show creator. In addition to just writing good stories, Sheridan lifts up those around him. He gives plenty of opportunities to other people in the entertainment industry. Lainey Wilson herself has had songs used on Yellowstone. “I can’t say enough about Taylor Sheridan, his work,” she said. “And the way he supports and champions music alongside his projects. What he’s created with the show Yellowstone is something special.”

Altogether, we agree. Taylor Sheridan has become the talk of the town and his work is undoubtedly phenomenal. We expect to see big things from the Hell or High Water series – how could we not?