Henry Winkler Delivers the Smack Down on Troll

by Liz Holland
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

76-year-old legendary actor Henry Winkler visited Jimmy Kimmel! recently, and had some strong words for an online troll. Winkler, who is primarily known for his role as “Fonzie” on the television series Happy Days, was featured in the infamous “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” series. 

For those unfamiliar with the late-night show segment, allow us to explain. The premise of the series is that guests read “mean tweets” directed toward them picked out by the show’s producers. They react on camera, and have a chance to “clap-back” and have it aired on the show. Over time these get compiled into a compilation style video featuring multiple different celebrities, and a short 2-3 minute video of the clips gets shown as part of a Jimmy Kimmel! Episode. 

Henry Winkler Smacks Down Hater

For the 13th edition of the video, Henry Winkler is featured at the very end. The “mean tweet” comes from Twitter user @greyplanet reads, “Henry Winkler is gonna catch these hands. Shark jumping ass b—h f–k you Fonzie.” Winkler immediately responds with an amused smile, and asks “Really?”. Then, the actor’s face goes stone cold and Winkler simply tells the tweeter a stern, “F–k you!”. 

Other celebrities appearing in the video include Tom Holland, Dakota Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Cena, Patton Oswalt, Regina King, Danny McBride, Anne Hathaway, Timothee Chalamet, Hannah Waddingham, Allison Janney, Tracy Morgan, Tom Hanks, and Richard Jenkins. 

Other Celebrities Poke Fun

John Cena’s response to the mean tweet he read was especially entertaining. The tweet handpicked for Cena came from one tweeter whose username is censored in the video. The tweet reads, “F–k off John Cena, you talentless b–l s–k.” Cena comically replies, “I take offense to this. Only because a b–l s–k holds a ton of talent. It’s half the DNA to create human life. It’s a pretty fascinating thing..”

One of the most hilarious moments of the video, however, has to be Kevin Hart’s mean tweet. The crowd responds with laughter and cheers, drowning out Hart’s response. You can watch the video below. WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Late Night Story-teller

Henry Winkler’s appearance in the Mean Tweets video is also not the first time he’s appeared on Jimmy Kimmel!. In a 2019 appearance for instance, Winkler told Kimmel about a time he received an alarmingly urgent phone call on the set of Happy Days.

The phone call came from an Illinois State Trooper, who was trying to talk a 17-year-old out of jumping to his death. The 17-year-old planned to end his life with the jump, and said the only person he would talk to was Harry Winkler. Winkler told Kimmel, “I don’t know where I got the nerve to take the phone and start talking to this kid.” But, he did his best to boost the caller’s spirits, who Winkler says is called John. Winkler says he told the caller, “I was 27 when I got the Fonz, John. I think you’ve got 10 good years to keep trying”. The call did the trick, and the caller left safely that day.