Henry Winkler Tributes Bob Saget Following His Death at 65

by Matthew Memrick

Legendary “Happy Days” actor Henry Winkler shared a Twitter tribute to the late Bob Saget minutes after hearing about the star’s death.

And, as the late comedian surely would have appreciated, Winkler incorporated some humor.

The 65-year-old Saget reportedly died at an Orlando, Fla. hotel. According to Fox 35, Saget performed in Orlando and Ponte Vedra Beach this weekend.

Winkler joked that the foul-mouthed and fun comedian, who bucked his wholesome “Full House” image, would make God blush in heaven.


The men do share a recent charitable connection. The men worked on a September silent auction for the late actor John Ritter’s foundation. Winkler gave himself up for the auction, offering a lunch with a winning bidder. As for Saget, he offered to meet and greet with a lucky auction winner.  

Social Media Reacts To Saget’s Death

Some fans were shocked by Winkler’s news. One added, “Knowing Bob’s sense of humor, he’d make a David Carradine joke about himself.”

The 76-year-old Winkler saw the news from The Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg. The writer noted that several fine actors and people died within this past 10-day stretch. Those folks were: Betty White. Peter Bogdanovich. Sidney Poitier. Marilyn Bergman. Bob Saget.

At a glance, Winkler never worked on a TV or movie production, but he seemed to respect the actor.

Another famous comedian, Marc Maron, broke the news to some on social media as well.

“Oh no. RIP Bob Saget. Truly one of the nicest guys and so funny. Very sad.”

After years in front of the camera, Bob Saget tried directing in 1998.

The star got Norm Macdonald for his “Dirty Work” comedy film. The movie came just a year after his time as “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Many fans did not know what to think of the film at first, but it’s become a cult classic of sorts.

When Macdonald died earlier this year at age 61, Saget Tweeted about meeting the comedian. He met the former “Saturday Night Live” star in Ottawa, Canada, when Macdonald was just 17 years old, but they were close for decades. Saget was young at that time, two. He would’ve been 21 at the time.

Saget Did A Lot In A Little Time

A Philadelphia native, Saget got his degree at Temple University in 1978. 

He went on to work briefly on CBS’s morning show, “The Morning Program,” in early 1987.  

The star starred as the fun-loving dad on “Full House” as Danny Tanner. He also was a household name from his time on ABC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” The star did that show from 1989 to 1997.

The star was charitable behind the scenes. Bob Saget talked about his late sister’s death over the years as she got a scleroderma diagnosis at age 43. She died four years later after several misdiagnosed illnesses.

Saget advocated the cause and became a Scleroderma Research Foundation board member.