Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix in the New Year

by Chase Thomas

It was quite a year for streaming services. With so many folks still spending so much time in their homes, it was a good time as ever to binge-watch all your favorite television shows. 2022 will pick up right where 2021 left off, though, in that department.

Coming in January is a new season of Too Hot To Handle along with part 1 of the final fourth season of the critically acclaimed Ozark. Some other cool items arriving on Netflix on January 1 include Hell or High Water, Runaway Bride, Stand By Me, The Town, and countless others.

Ozark will officially be available to stream on January 21.

Jason Bateman on ‘Ozark’

The biggest get for Netflix is Ozark. The show has grabbed the attention of millions, similar to House Of Cards in its early days on Netflix. The conversation about how it will all end is huge when it comes to the program and folks talking about it online. It has also been a longer wait than usual due to the pandemic. Folks will have waited almost two years in between seasons now. That’s a long time for a show that had all the momentum in the world in the Spring of 2020.

Jason Bateman told Indie Wire, “It is working out better than I could have ever hoped for, and I had high, high hopes.” It certainly blew up, but not even Bateman saw the show being this big of a deal for Netflix. “Those first two scripts that I read, there was a lot of mood, a lot of danger, a lot of crisis, a lot of things that I was really curious to see if I could deliver to an audience as a director.” The scripts obviously turned out to be a hit and it was a challenge for Bateman. A different kind of challenge for him to succeed in this sort of setting.

What Next?

Bateman continued, “The fact that people ended up watching [‘Ozark’] is the part that you have zero control over, [but that] encourages us to keep going and make it even better and slightly more challenging.” He did not have any control, but now he knows and the whole cast and Netflix knows that everyone is watching. Since season 1 the show has been a big-time hit. Bateman added, “It’s been very gratifying, and it fuels me to try to take even a bigger, more challenging swing on the next project.”

Perhaps there could be more directing for Netflix shows for Jason Bateman in the future. He has excelled here and with The Outsider. He concluded, “I’m really, really interested in going further as a director and challenging myself with all that responsibility.”

You can watch Ozark on Netflix.