Here’s How Much ‘The Voice’ Star Blake Shelton Made in 2021

by Madison Miller

He’s the last remaining original coach left on “The Voice.” Everyone else has come and gone, leaving behind their own legacies of outstanding competitors and hilarious moments.

In addition to his duties of finger-pointing, silly dancing, and coaching talent on “The Voice,” Blake Shelton is obviously a very successful country music star.

So, from “The Voice” to his own personal singing career, what kind of money does the “Austin” singer make?

Rolling Stone recently released its list of the highest-paid musicians of the year. He made it on the list within the top 10 as the only country artist. For some, it may be a surprising accomplishment. However, if you break up all his duties and accomplishments it certainly makes sense.

He even beat Taylor Swift, who landed at number 10 and he was number nine.

The news publication reported that he managed to make a total of $83 million in 2021.

As for those 12 months, they were pretty eventful for “The Voice” coach. He released a new album called “Body Language” and went on his Friends & Heroes tour as well. He racked in a total of $14.5 million just from this tour.

Also, he made eight figures by working on “The Voice” this past year. The most interesting source of money, however, was the $50 million he brought in from what was named a “previously unreported catalog sale.”

He’s also married to pop icon Gwen Stefani now, which means their very high incomes are being mixed together as well. As of now, Shelton has several performances coming up. On January 29, he’ll play at the Choctaw Casino & Resort and on February 11, he’ll perform at the Super Bowl Music Fest.

Rumors of Retirement from ‘The Voice’

As of now, Shelton is expected to coach “The Voice” again in 2022. In past interviews, he has not expressed any interest in retiring his spot in that swiveling red chair just yet. He will also only have to do one season of the show, seeing as “The Voice” is just doing one season each year instead of two.

He’s also won the most seasons of the show. Given Shelton’s hilarious ego, he’s likely not ready to say goodbye to it all just yet.

Despite constant rumors that he’s leaving, Shelton has always opposed them. He said he would want to leave at some point in the future in order to settle down, but that time hasn’t come yet. When it was announced that Ariana Grande was joining the show, rumors swirled that she would take Shelton’s spot.

Shelton texted her a link to the article with the comment, “Thanks a lot Ari… Thanks a f**kin’ lot..” She then shared the funny conversation on Instagram.