Here’s How ‘The Voice’ Performed on TV Ratings Last Night

by Anna Dunn

The Voice has done pretty well for NBC over the years. The reality singing competition is a fierce ratings competitor. The show just finished up the highly competitive knockout rounds, which is the second competitive round in the season. We saw a lot of fan-favorite singers go, with plenty of viable candidates advancing to the next stage.

But how did the episode do in the ratings?

Ratings for The Voice dipped this week, drawing in 6.3 mil with a 0.7 demo rating according to TV Line. This falls behind NCIS which lead Monday night. The impressive feat for NCIS considering a main actor just left came at the expense of The Voice, but the show’s dip wasn’t too catastrophic.

‘The Voice’ Introduced a New Twist in Last Night’s Episode

Last night’s episode featured some major performances and finished up the night with a big announcement. Each coach got to pick an artist that has been eliminated from their team to make a “comeback.” Viewers get to vote on the comeback.

Blake Shelton chose eliminated young Singer Hailey Green to come back. Ariana Grande decided to give Vaughn Mugol, whose battle song selection was very hard for him. Kelly picked Aaron Hines and John picked newly eliminated Samara Brown. America gets to vote on which of these singers should make it into the next round of competition.

There were some incredibly notable performances last night as well.

Jim and Sasha Allen, the father son duo on Team Ariana, won their round against Manny Keith. The two performed “Home” and had absolutely chilling harmonies. The delightful performance was hard to beat, and unfortunately Manny Keith couldn’t with his performance of “Golden.”

The final steal of the knockout rounds was used in the last performance of the night. Blake Shelton stole Paris Winningham. Winningham sung “Tennessee Whiskey” and gave a solid performance, but it wasn’t enough to beat her new John Legend teammate Jershika Maple. John stole Maple from team Kelly and mentioned during her practice how happy he was that he did so.

Maple delivered exquisitely with her performance of “Inseparable,” and will advance to the live rounds.

In other rounds, Lana Scott beat Carson Peters on team Blake, Bella DeNapoli defeated Katherine Ann Mohler on team Ariana, Shadale defeated Samara Brown, but John Legend selected Brown to go to the America’s choice vote, so it’s not over yet. We also saw team Kelly’s Jeremy Rosado beat Xavier Cornell and team Blake’s Peedy Chavis beat Berritt Haynes in an edited round.

Each competition forced the judges to consider who they need to bring going forward and who would be able to handle the pressure of live shows.

The Voice may have sunk in the ratings last night, but it’ll be interesting to see how the show will fare during the live rounds next week.