Here’s What ‘Pioneer Woman’ Always Keeps Stocked in Her Fridge

by Chris Haney

Recently, the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond treated her fans to a behind-the-scenes viewing of arguably the most important item in her home – their kitchen’s refrigerator.

Drummond has built quite the empire over the years. It’s in large part due to blogging about her family’s lifestyle on their Pawhuska, Oklahoma ranch, and from welcoming viewers into her home as she cooks on her popular Food Network series. Fans can’t seem to get enough of Drummond, her life, and her recipes.

So for her legion of fans, it was a big deal when she recently revealed what she keeps stocked in her personal fridge. In a video shared on TikTok, the Pioneer Woman has completely cleaned out her refrigerator. She gives fans an inside look as she starts fresh and stocks it up with her favorite items.

She paid homage to TikToker Emily Mariko who is well-known for her own cooking and cleaning videos. Mariko doesn’t talk much in her clips, and allows the items and ingredients to speak for themselves in her videos. Drummond usually talks her fans through her recipes, so she joked that it’s nice to be silent while working in the kitchen for once.

“I’m 52 and I love @emilymariko,” the Pioneer Woman wrote on TikTok. “It’s nice to be in the kitchen and not have to talk for a change! Part 2 coming shortly. Thank you, Emily!”


I’m 52 and I love @emilymariko ❤️It’s nice to be in the kitchen and not have to talk for a change! 😂 Part 2 coming shortly. Thank you, Emily!

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The ‘Pioneer Woman’ Organizes Her Refrigerator, And It’s As Immaculate As You Might Expect

In Drummond’s first clip, she begins to organize some of her family‘s favorite drinks. They include milk, tangerine juice, Grady’s cold brew coffee, Dr. Pepper, and she fills up her Brita water container. She then proceeds to organize a three-compartment drawer. The famous chef adds lemons and limes, cheese, and cold cuts each in their own bins.

She then places trays under meats as she organizes individual packs of ground beef, chicken, and salmon. Additionally, she fills another bin with gourmet cheeses, and loads up another one with packaged meats such as bacon and sausage.

Next, the Pioneer Woman rinses off several kinds of vegetables and wraps them in paper towels. She then inserts each veggie into plastic bags for storage. A separate bin gets filled up with fresh, uncut fruit like oranges, apples, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Finally, Ree breaks down an entire chicken and pre-makes a few sauces, dressings, and some hummus for later use. She also stocks up the fridge with other cooking essentials like eggs, butter, olives, yogurt, and wine. The Pioneer Woman then rounded out her fridge with condiments like Duke’s mayonnaise, hot sauce, Dijon mustard, and some jelly and jams.

Many of us may have several of the items Ree Drummond keeps in her refrigerator. Yet we highly doubt any of our fridges look as organized as the famous chef’s. It’s fascinating peek into the Food Network star’s personal kitchen and the contents she keeps on hand for any given meal.