Here’s What’s Airing After Fox’s NFC Championship Game Instead of ‘Monarch’

by Kati Michelle

You can count on a lot of folks for their love of two things: country music and football. Sunday, January 30th, was set to be a big night for both with Fox’s highly anticipated NFC Championship Game followed by the premiere of “Monarch.”

Unfortunately, that’s not the plan anymore. The NFC Championship Game will air on the Fox network as planned, but instead of “Monarch” another show will take the 10 pm slot. That would be Gordon Ramsay’s “Next Level Chef” (you can read a full synopsis of the show here).

What Gordon Ramsay Has Planned for the Night

“Next Level Chef” might not be what many viewers were looking forward to, but it might offer up some post-football entertainment nonetheless. The non-scripted cooking competition from Gordon Ramsay plans on airing a special episode featuring a brunch challenge.

His team will go head to head against the other two teams from mentors Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais. The challenge will consist of creating a brunch dish that’s as sweet as it is savory. The trick is, the contestants will only have 45 minutes to complete the challenge.

This last-minute change comes as a result of the network pushing back the premiere of “Monarch” to a different season. Moving forward, “Next Level Chef” will return to its regular time slot of 9 pm on Wednesdays.

‘Monarch’ Locks in a New Spot on the Network

Outsiders have been pumped for “Monarch” since its announcement and it’s a pretty big deal for Fox as well. The big-budget drama actually marks the first fully-owned live-action drama series for the network. Due to ongoing complications with the pandemic, the network decided to push its premiere to its 2022-2023 fall schedule. That means we won’t be hearing from country music’s “first family” for a little while.

“With an incredible pedigree of talent and musical performances, the powerfully compelling drama, Monarch, is a top priority for Fox Entertainment in 2022,” a Fox spokesman said earlier this week as per Deadline.

“Unfortunately, due to the unavoidable realities of the pandemic and the profound impact Covid-19 continues to have on our industry and around the world, it is necessary to reschedule Monarch’s January 30 debut to the fall…Shifting a show of this magnitude allows us to have its entire first season produced, create additional, high-profile content and promotional windows to support the launch, and give our viewers the best opportunity to enjoy the series as intended with a non-compromised run of episodes. We thank our cast, producers, writers, and the entire crew for their tireless work and continued dedication to the country music-filled world that is Monarch.”

In the meantime, fans can stream the show’s newly released theme song. Spoiler alert: it’s a masterpiece.