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Here’s When ‘One Chicago’ Shows Are Returning After Hiatus

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images)

Last week’s lack of brand new “One Chicago” episodes may have shocked fans when they found the series’ midseason hiatus does not end until Wednesday, December 8th. TV fans have seen various other network franchises do the same. So it’s no surprise the NBC hit shows are taking a break this time of year as well. Further, we might attribute the break to the upcoming holidays. However, showrunners have more specific reasons as to why “One Chicago” will not be airing new episodes for now.

According to the One Chicago Center, production’s decision for the midseason hiatus comes directly before the Thanksgiving holiday, as we well know. While the outlet states the practice is standard across numerous network television series, other factors contributed to the decision.

NBC most likely decided now would make the best time for “One Chicago’s” temporary break. In essence, they plan to make room for a multitude of holiday specials. Additionally, the entertainment industry is all about profit. Therefore, around the holidays, “One Chicago” fans may not tune in to new episodes as during less exciting times of year. Essentially, all three of the family’s shows would see major drops in ratings and, therefore, profit.

Further, the outlet attributed the early hiatus to “Chicago Fire’s” plans to debut its very first holiday-themed episode. That being said, perhaps the network chose not to air the new episodes until December so the festive “Chicago Fire” feature appears before the holiday season, rather than before Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, though, the December 8th episodes mark the final new ones until the start of the new year. So hopefully, showrunners have something super exciting planned for fans.

‘One Chicago’ Mastermind Has Impressive Net Worth

As “One Chicago’s” iconic television producer, Dick Wolf has earned a big name and a big income for himself. The fact is especially true following the debut of the hit NBC series. However, Wolf’s talents extend much further than “One Chicago.”

Boasting an impressive net worth of $550 million, “One Chicago” is only one of the producer’s many brainchildren.

Dick Wolf has also produced the iconic “Law & Order” franchise, which first debuted in way back in 1990. More recently, Wolf created yet another popular crime drama franchise, under the title, “FBI,” which now boasts “FBI: Most Wanted” and “FBI: International.”

Across the board, all three of the popular procedural dramas continue to see positive ratings and viewership across television. “One Chicago” in particular saw awesome results during the Wednesday, November 3rd episodes.

“Chicago Fire” and “Chicago Med” saw viewership top 6 million, the former leading by a minimal 0.4 million. Falling slightly behind though still earning positive viewership totals, “Chicago PD” saw a total 5.5 million viewers. However, the harder scores, the demo ratings, all tied at an admirable 0.7.

Overall, despite the midseason hiatus, we’re sure “One Chicago” will return with quite a bang, perhaps in more ways than one considering how things have proceeded across the board.