Here’s Which ‘Jackass’ Movie Steve-O Considers a ‘Masterpiece’

by Jonathan Howard

With the new Jackass movie coming out, it is set to be the last in the franchise. So Steve-O and the crew are talking about years past.

When you consider the fact that Jackass first premiered on October 1, 2000, it is amazing that so many of the original cast members are still walking. Let alone make another movie. However, this latest film, Jackass Forever, is like a send-off that is only fit for guys who like doing insane stunts and hurting themselves and their closest friends for entertainment.

From a small show on MTV to a full movie. Then another. And then a third…and a half. Now, the fourth installment comes. Throughout all of those stunts, pranks, and skits, is there one movie that sticks out for stars like Steve-O? Well, yes, there is. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the entertainer talked about his favorite Jackass film.

Number Two was the masterpiece in my view,” Steve-O said. “In between one and two, we were doing Wildboyz. In between [movies] two and three, I was doing drugs and trying to become a rapper. I’ve always had hustle, but at times I’ve hustled in the wrong direction. After Number Two, Knoxville once again declared that the franchise was over. I had my downward spiral and subsequent time in rehab. I was still living in a halfway house, newly sober, when I found out that these guys were talking about potentially doing a third movie.”

It really is amazing that 22 years later, this thing is still going. That second movie was a very good product. However, when you hear the stories of what these guys were going through between takes and away from the camera, it is harrowing stuff. Steve-O and the Jackass cast put their lives on the line.

‘Jackass’ Star Johnny Knoxville Takes Big Hit

Over the years, one of the best stunts that Jackass does usually involves bulls. Now, messing with a live bull is never a smart idea. However, these guys are somewhat professionals at this point. Well, Johnny Knoxville has likely taken his last bull hit for the new movie. He talked about that with Howard Stern.

“My cognitive abilities were in steep decline after that hit,” Knoxville said. “The bull hit was the worst hit I’ve ever taken from a bull or maybe period. I remember taking some tests.”

Over the years, Knoxville has suffered some of the worst injuries of the cast. This one was pretty scary.

“The neurosurgeon said, ‘Do you have trouble paying attention right now?’ I said, ‘Yeah, why?’ He goes, ‘Because you score a 17 on [your attention test].’ That’s out of 100.”

After undergoing some treatment, Knoxville saw some improvement. The treatments were supposed to help with his cognitive skills and potential depression from the brain damage. Knoxville and the Jackass guys do so much and it isn’t the safest profession for one to be in.