Here’s Why Denzel Washington Never Watches His Own Movies

by Chase Thomas

Denzel Washington is as legendary of an actor as it gets in Hollywood. He is as big-time as big-time gets in this department. He has starred and shined in so many films over the last few decades that it is easy to lose count of them all. However, if you were wondering if Denzel Washington spent any time going back and watching his old movies, you would be mistaken. He is always looking forward.

Washington told Extra, “No, I never look back. I’ll watch a scene if it’s on TV, but I haven’t watched a film of mine from start to finish… I don’t know when. The last film I watched from start to finish was Macbeth, in preparation for talking about it. But I don’t look back, I look forward.”

Denzel Washington is always looking ahead. It’s not that he’s not interested, he will watch them when they pop up on television. However, he is looking forward to that next thing. He does not want to get trapped in the past and past roles.

Denzel Washington And ‘Remember The Titans’

One of Denzel’s most iconic roles was his time on Remember The Titans as Coach Boone. The movie remains a classic and one that folks still watch today. It’s still in the conversation for one of the best football movies of all time.

Ryan Gosling said of Denzel Washington, “You sort of just get used to his celebrity and think of him as Denzel, but when you actually work with him, I think you appreciate him for just the artist that he is. He really kind of commanded all of us, you know.” Denzel was a leader on the set of the movie, as Gosling points out.

Chad Oman added, “He came in, he sat right next to me, and I think we did it at least four days a week for two weeks and just would turn each page and he had notes on every page. That was my first experience with Denzel. I knew every word and why every single thing was done, so it was basically me explaining it and talking it through with him for two solid weeks, every single day, every line.”

Denzel Washington did all he could to make the movie work. He put in the time and clearly gave it his all.

Denzel said, “I don’t think it’s a football movie. I think it’s a movie about the potential of the human spirit.” That’s what it was. It was about more than football. It was about folks working together. It’s about coming together in the face of adversity, which is what happens in the film. This was one of Denzel Washington’s biggest films for a variety of reasons.