New HGTV Series ‘Tough Love’ Led by ‘Love It or List It’ Star Hilary Farr: What to Know

by Shelby Scott

After finding major success on the HGTV hit series, “Love It or List It,” show star Hilary Farr prepares to head her own solo series on the network entitled, ” Tough Love.” And while Farr’s fans love seeing the television personality appear on the 18-season long show, it will be exciting to see in what direction Farr takes HGTV‘s newest series.

Since “Love It or List It” debuted, Hilary Farr has become iconic in her witty and engaging nature. She’s long starred alongside fellow television personality, David Visentin. In a nutshell, the star’s original series focuses on homeowners’ and house-hunters’ dream homes. Meanwhile, “Tough Love” will show fans another side of Farr.

According to People magazine, “Tough Love” will see Hillary Farr as she navigates families’ “dysfunctional, disorganized homes,” and flips them. She plans to turn the spaces into dreamy, functional areas, Farr using her interior design talents to completely remodel those spaces.

Nevertheless, as a star with a keen eye for design and functionality, Farr’s “Tough Love” will be anything but gentle. Ahead of the HGTV show’s Monday, December 20th debut, the sneak peek features the current “Love It or List It” star in her element. She asks audiences, “Are you ready for some ‘Tough Love’?”

She then goes on to tell clients about the issues she has with their homes. One kitchen isn’t functional in the least while she hates another couple’s bed frame, and so on. Fortunately, however, it appears the clients are willing and excited to work with the particular interior designer. And near the end of the clip, Farr reveals what we might expect to see during the eight-episode series.

Turning a master bedroom from a storage-less bland space into a dazzlingly white and well-organized room, we can’t wait to see what else Hilary Farr comes up with.

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Hilary Farr’s new show “Tough Love” is sure to see major success over on HGTV. That is, especially after drawing in such a huge fanbase during now-18 seasons of “Love It or List It.”

As such, the December 20th debut is sure to be an exciting one.

However, at the same time, this fall promises an onslaught of new HGTV series. For those of us with a passion for organization, we can’t wait to see what comes next on the network.

Earlier this summer, we learned HGTV had plans to debut not one, two, or three, but 11 brand new series. Alongside Farr’s newest spinoff, other new additions feature the popular theme of flipping old homes. Others will navigate buyers’ remorse and long-distance relationships.

One of those new series lineups puts a heavy focus on millennials as they work to update their outdated homes, making them Pinterest worthy and HGTV famous. Entitled “First Home Flip,” HGTV heads in a different direction, putting emphasis on the large, younger generation working to navigate home-buying and ownership in such a downtrodden economy.

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