‘Highway to Heaven’ Reboot Offers New Look at Jill Scott’s Angela

by Michael Freeman

Michael Landon’s hit Highway to Heaven was memorable, inspiring, and heartwarming. The reboot of the series wants to spark the same kind of feeling within viewers but is doing so with a different cast of characters. To help us get a better look at hers, Angela, Jill Scott shared a short clip of the show.

Posting a brief teaser of the new Highway to Heaven on Instagram, Jill Scott shows us a brief scene where she reveals her angelic secret. More than that though, she talks about how much the original series meant to her.

“Here’s a sneak peak of #HighwayToHeaven premiering this Saturday night on @lifetimetv,” Scott excitedly wrote. “Angela was such a special role to play. I used to watch the original show with my grandmother, and now I am starring in and executive producing the reboot. We all need a little more love and light right now. I hope this reminds you to reach out to all of the angels in your life ❤️ 😇”

After Angela tells Bruce (Barry Watson) her secret, he is understandably skeptical, and a bit worried about her mental health. Sharing a hearty laugh over the conversation, his tone quickly changes to concern as he tells her not to talk like that.

We’ll have to see as the series progresses how well the two mesh.

What to Know About the ‘Highway to Heaven’ Reboot

The original Highway to Heaven was a television series Michael Landon produced back in the 80s. Though the reboot aims to capture the same feel as his show, it does differ in some respects.

First and foremost, the new series plays out as TV movies, not hour-long episodes like the original. As such, we’ll see a far shorter run time of total episodes. The core premise remains the same as the original.

Jill Scott plays Angela, who essentially serves an identical role to Michael Landon as an angel. As stated before, Barry Watson plays Bruce. Bruce is a middle school principal, while Angela is the school’s guidance counselor. Like we saw in the clip, she reveals her true identity to him and he is the only one who knows what she actually does. Angela’s purpose is to help those in need and facing crises, with Bruce helping her out however he can.

Lifetime’s EVP of scripted programming, Tanya Lopez, issued a statement about having the two brilliant actors for the series. “The original Highway to Heaven was appointment viewing for millions and in a time when we need those messages of hope the most. Having worked with Jill previously for some of Lifetime’s most celebrated movies, we know she is the perfect actor to bring her passion and brilliance to this role… And the addition of Barry was just icing on the cake.”