‘Highway to Heaven’ Reboot Star Barry Watson Says World ‘Needs’ the Revival Right Now

by Courtney Blackann

Before “Highway to Heaven” got the go-ahead for a reboot film, actor Barry Watson was already a fan. Growing up on the original show and “Little House on the Prairie,” Watson drew inspiration from Michael Landon. So when he was presented with an opportunity to star alongside Jill Scott, he jumped at it.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, the former “7th Heaven” star discussed the new film. He says it’s something the world could use right now – a little hope and a little love.

“I was flipping through channels, and [the original] Highway to Heaven was on. I watched an episode and told my wife, ‘The world needs this show right now. Why isn’t somebody doing a reboot?’ So when the script came, I was on board.”

In the original production, Michael Landon played Jonathan Smith – an angel disguised as a regular person who was sent to help troubled individuals find themselves through tough times.

In the reboot, Watson is set to play a school principal who aids Jill Scott, an angel disguised as a school counselor. She’s sent to help a boy navigate the tricky waters of teenhood and grief.

Of his character, the actor says he’s “somebody constantly focused on making sure everybody else is OK but not really taking care of himself. That’s gotten him through his own grief with the love of his life and his way of escaping that [pain].”

Barry Watson Excited for ‘Highway to Heaven’ Role

And Watson couldn’t be more excited for the project. He formerly played the eldest child on “7th Heaven” opposite Jessica Biel and Beverly Mitchell. So the star has some experience when it comes to filming – which he says is useful on set.

“It feels bizarre because I still goof off and I’m pretty much still a clown on set, yet everybody comes to me with questions about stuff and I’m like, ‘Oh, right, because I’m the old guy who’s been doing this for a while now,'” the actor shared via Oregon Live.

Additionally, actress Jill Scott is just as excited about working with Watson on Lifetime’s “Highway to Heaven.” And according to Watson, she brings an ‘angelic’ quality to the role no one else could fill. The actress also agrees with Watson that the world could use this kind of meaningful film.

“I really hope people will find the angel inside themselves and be a beacon of light for the people they know — loved ones as well as strangers,” Scott says. “A little kindness goes a long way. Even a tiny bit is good.”

The movie premiers this evening, November 6 at 7 p.m. Central. If you want to feel all the warm fuzzies, we suggest you tune in.