‘Hoffman Family Gold’: Everything We Know So Far

by Maria Hartfield

One miner from the Discovery’s Gold Rush empire will star in his own spinoff of the series titled Hoffman Family Gold. The Gold Rush franchise, now in its twelfth season, has been entertaining audiences since 2010.

Todd Hoffman led a team on the reality drama series for a total of eight seasons before eventually leaving the show to pursue other aspirations. However, Hoffman’s days of mining for gold are far from over. The Hoffman crew will return to Discovery to star in their new venture, Hoffman Family Gold. In their next adventure, Todd and crew will travel back to Alaska in hopes of striking gold once again (via Oregon Live).

Read on to find out everything we know about Hoffman Family Gold so far.

What Is the Release Date for ‘Hoffman Family Gold’

Fans may remember Todd Hoffman’s extreme passion and determination from his time on eight seasons of the original Gold Rush. Many viewers were sad to see him leave the show. But fear not Hoffman supporters, for he will soon make his return in a big way.

Hoffman Family Gold will debut on both Discovery and Discovery+ early in 2022. The exact date of release is still a mystery, but we’re predicting it will come out shortly after the current season of Gold Rush.

Fans were quick to voice their excitement about the new show on Twitter. One avid viewer tweeted, “Yo Todd and Hoffman team. Glad you guys be back. This time no stupid hunches, only rely on science and engineering to find gold.”

The gold mining team will be in full force on the new show with new tools and all. Plus, Hoffman will have some familiar faces joining him in his search for gold.

Who’s in the Cast for ‘Hoffman Family Gold’?

So, you may be wondering, with a title like Hoffman Family Gold, will the Discovery series be a family affair? According to Oregon Live, Todd Hoffman will have his family by his side through most of the affair. The statement reads: “Joining Todd in Alaska will be his father Jack and his son Hunter along with a veteran crew of gold miners.”

It seems like the Hoffman family will get a second chance at mining for gold in the rough Alaskan wilderness after all. Hoffman hopes to bring fame and fortune for generations to come. The announcement continues stating: “This could be Todd’s last chance to set up his family for generations to come and share the wealth with his friends who’ve stuck by his side over the years.”

Where’s the Trailer for Hoffman Family Gold?

A trailer teasing what you can expect in Hoffman Family Gold is available on YouTube. The clip is only a minute long, so it’s just enough to whet your appetite for the next rush of gold mining.

Oregon Live offers additional details about the show in a statement saying: “After ending a checkered mining season in Colorado in 2018, Todd is ready to get back in the game. He’s emptying his life savings with the hope to turn around a distressed mine located nearly 100 miles north of Nome, Alaska.”

Tune in to Hoffman Family Gold, airing soon on Discovery and Discovery+.