‘Hogan’s Heroes’: Why the Set Was Blown Up To Make a Film

by Madison Miller

It’s amazing to imagine all the scenes, sets, and stories that can be told with just a blank couple of acres of studio space.

In Culver City, California, there has been no shortage of iconic TV shows that have miraculously come to life thanks to impressive sets and dedicated crews. There was a space called the RKO Forty Acres located within Culver City. It was also home to many iconic shows like “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.,” “The Andy Griffith Show,” and even scenes of “Star Trek” were filmed.

‘Hogan’s Heroes’ Set Gets Blown Away

In the northwest corner of the lot sat the Stalag 13 outdoor film set. The set depicted different prison camps for TV, but, most famously, it depicted the prisoner of war camp seen in “Hogan’s Heroes.”

The set was built in 1965 but faced its own demise when the show ended in 1971 after six seasons. The TV industry didn’t see any good reason to keep up a Nazi prison campsite, seeing as it certainly wasn’t the most popular or common type of set on TV. Instead of dismantling it in pieces, which can cost a fortune, a different solution became the reality.

According to MeTV, luckily, the 1974 movie “She Wolf of the SS” was filming at the time. It just so happened to require blowing up a prison camp, as well. During the final scene of the movie, a prison camp is left to burn away in a massive fire.

While a bit of a sad ending for fans of “Hogan’s Heroes,” it certainly proved to be a win-win solution financially. The land was once home to Colonel Robert Hogan and Colonel Wilhelm Klink. Now, it is instead home to a gym, stores, and offices.

CBS Studio Center Up for Sale

While the “Hogan’s Heroes” set is long gone, another classic TV studio area is currently up for sale.

According to Variety, ViacomCBS recently announced it would sell the infamous CBS Studio Center to two separate investment firms for a massive grand total of $1.85 billion. CBS had been looking to sell since summer and may have finally found a solution.

The Studio Center is part of the massive 55-acre site of Studio City. It is made up of 22 stages, offices, as well as several backlot locations.

The CBS Studio Center is full of very rich TV and film history. It dates back to 1928 during the era in which silent movies dominated the entertainment landscape. Eventually, the location would be home to some of the most iconic TV shows in history. That includes “Gunsmoke,” “My Three Sons,” “Seinfeld,” “Gilligan’s Island,” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

The CBS Studio Center is amongst several different real estate moves for CBS in recent years.