‘Home Alone’ Almost Featured a Classic ‘SNL’ Star: Here’s What Happened

by Clayton Edwards

Home Alone hit theaters in November of 1990 and took the world by storm. Audiences couldn’t get enough of the crazy antics of the movie’s lead, Kevin McCallister, and the Wet Bandits who tried to rob his home. It pulled a global box office gross of over $476 million which is just over a billion dollars in 2021 money. Today, fans hail it as one of the greatest Christmas comedies ever made.

Much of Home Alone’s magic was in its cast. It featured Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as the Wet Bandits. John Heard, John Candy, and Catherine O’Hara added their star power to the cast as well. Additionally, audiences fell in love with the then-unknown Macaulay Culkin. The movie made him a household name and helped him land parts in movies like The Pagemaster, The Good Son, and My Girl. However, one future comedy legend auditioned for a small part but didn’t get it. In fact, he completely blew his audition.

The Legend Who Blew His Home Alone Audition

Home Alone director Chris Columbus had a stacked cast. However, he wanted to add one more hilarious actor to his film. So, he tapped the then-unknown comedian Chris Farley to play the role of Santa in his Christmas comedy.

Farley wasn’t a star yet, but the Home Alone director knew him personally, according to an interview with The Independent. They attended the same church in New York for a time. Additionally, Farley was a member of Chicago’s Second City improv comedy group at the time. As a result, Columbus knew he was funny.

Fans remember Chris Farley for two things. First and foremost, we recall his hilarious antics on SNL and movies like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. We also remember his hard-partying lifestyle that eventually ended with a fatal overdose. Those two combined in his Home Alone audition.

Chris Columbus Looks Back on Chris Farley’s Audition

About Farley’s Home Alone audition, Columbus said, “[Farley] auditioned for the Santa Claus role and he was not in particularly great shape.” Then, the director elaborated. “We had an 8 am audition with him on a Saturday morning and I’ll never forget it… He came in and I don’t think  he had gone to sleep that night so the audition did not go particularly well.”

Looking back, Columbus said, “I regret it. I think he would’ve been great in the film but I do love the guy who played Santa Clause. He was very funny.”

Not long after blowing his Home Alone audition, Chris Farley joined the cast of SNL and his star began to rise. Additionally, it led to several comedic pairings with David Spade. Maybe some things just aren’t meant to be.