‘Home Alone’: One Fan Theory Believes Kevin’s Dad Abandoned Him on Purpose

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

When it comes to “Home Alone,” the movie is near the top of treasured holiday classics. Some people will seek out the movie to watch each holiday season. Not to mention, the classic film was made back in 1990, which means we’ve had more than three decades to dissect it.

This may be why some fans have articulated a new theory that makes “Home Alone” more like “Abandoned Home Alone.”

Some of these “Home Alone” theories can be pretty entertaining. Some people say that the two burglars Henry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) would have definitely died from all those gruesome injuries that Kevin McCalister (Macaulay Culkin) put them through.

Kevin Was Purposefully Left ‘Home Alone’

Meanwhile, quite a few theories seem to gravitate around Kevin’s dad, Peter (John Heard). One of which is that he worked for the mob, but that’s a conversation for another day.

During an October 2016 episode of “That One Video Galaxy Podcast,” the co-hosts discuss this possibility that Peter purposefully left Kevin behind. For the co-host, he believes the proof is in the pizza.

“They’re all going to Paris the next day, right? In the morning, right? They order pizza for dinner, right? Let me ask you this, do you know how many pizzas they ordered? 10 pizzas, lot of pizzas,” Brett Bayonne said.

If you sit down and do some math, you’d discover that the family ordered 80 slices of pizza for 14 family members. Even if the family absolutely devoted four or even five pieces each, you’d have 20 or more pieces left. That’s a lot of leftovers for a family that’s about to spend time in Paris while the leftovers grow some mold in the fridge.

Maybe, however, Peter ordered that much pizza so his child that he intends on leaving home on purpose would have enough food to eat. It’s certainly an interesting theory that Peter premeditated this whole thing. Especially the fact that he would plan to abandon his child, but still care enough to order him extra pizza.

Fans are only pinpointing this on the dad, too. This is because Kate (Catherine O’Hara) is concerned about milk expiring in the fridge during the scene where the family is eating their pizza. Not to mention, it’s also Peter that throws away Kevin’s ticket when milk is spilled on it. It’s not looking good for you, Mr. McCalister.

So, why would he leave him at home? The dad could have been trying to give the mom and the rest of the family a break from Kevin. We see early on that he is a bit of a handful. It could also be a lesson in growing up, as well. His experience was more traumatizing than eye-opening though.

If you want to dissect this movie for yourself, all the “Home Alone” movies are available to stream on Disney+ if you have a subscription.