‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn Calls Tim Allen His ‘Brother’

by Jacklyn Krol

Home Improvement star Richard Karn considers Tim Allen his brother.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he spoke about their tight-knit relationship. The series ran between 1991 to 1999 and they ended up working together once again on their competition reality show, Assembly Required.

“Both of us are still close,” he began. “I mean I still see Richard way too much boy wait it just doesn’t feel like 30 years. I never told you this Tim but you’re like a brother to me. I think it resonates with the parents that grew up with it are now being able to show their kids something that they can sit all together and watch.”

Allen said that “All of us are real close. I still see Richard way too much, boy, way too much.”

Their home improvement competition show had its first season on the History Channel. However, back in May, Karn said that there were no updates on a second season of the series. Despite the pleas of fans and willingness of Karn and Allen, fans may not be treated to Season 2 of the show.

A ‘Home Improvement’ Falling Out

Allen did have a falling out with one of their Home Improvement co-stars, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He left the show before the eighth and final season of the series. He said this was because he wanted to attend school and travel. He later said that he wanted time out of the spotlight for a time as he literally grew up acting, beginning at just 8. Allen completely understood this. However, Thomas ended up taking on other acting roles, primarily in movies. He didn’t even accept the offer to appear in the show’s final episode.

According to Looper, Allen was upset. Not because of his choice of pursuing film, but not returning when the show that helped launch his career was ending. He ranted about Taylor’s exit and career decisions to TV Guide in 1999 after the finale aired.

“He said he it was about going to school, but then he did some films. Did he want to do films? Did he want to go to school?” Allen told the outlet. “I mentioned [publicly] that I was confused. I don’t think [Jonathan Taylor Thomas] liked that.

The apparent rift didn’t end up lasting for long. JTT and Patricia Richardson, who played Jill Taylor on Home Improvement appeared in Allen’s show, Last Man Standing.