‘Home Improvement’ Star Richard Karn Says NFTs Are ‘Not Something’ He Needs to Do

by Kati Michelle

It seems like space travel and NFTs have been all the rage among the stars lately. But when it comes to the latter, you can count Richard Karn out. The “Home Improvement” star played the beloved Al Borland character on the show from the pilot episode through its three-part finale and as Tim the “Tool Man” Taylor’s goofy sidekick, Richard Karn says he even struck up a brotherhood with Outsider-favorite Tim Allen. So when Richard Karn recently announced that he’d be making some “Home Improvement” related NFTs, it didn’t come as a huge shock to everyone.

Still, the decision did cause a stir among the fans and Richard Karn has recently announced that he changed his mind. After thinking “long and hard” about it, Karn decided that NFTs are “not something he needs to do.”

The ‘Home Improvement’ Star Backs Out of His New Business Venture

It was Monday that the former “Home Improvement” star and game show host announced his entry into the world of the non-fungible token. Now in the same week, Richard Karn has shared his new stance on Twitter. It shows the smiling star under a caption that announced the reversed decision.

Check it out:

The project would have been in partnership with Superfandom, a company that offers fan experiences in addition to the tokens. One was set to pay homage to Karn’s iconic “I Don’t Think So Tim” and included a 30-minute phone call with the star to discuss his greatest memories from the “Home Improvement” set. Another would have centered around “Family Feud” and offered two Zoom calls with the star to play the game together. In total, 5 unique NFTs were planned.

It’s hard to say what exactly caused his change of heart, but most of the fans seem happy with the decision.

Twitter Reacts to the News

Several tweets celebrated the reversed decision and a couple stood out for their A-level “Home Improvement” humor. Here’s one that several fans seemed to enjoy. It’s essentially like playing an “UNO reverse” card if you’re familiar with the simple game.

Check it out:

“I don’t think so, NFTim,” one fan added.

We’re just gonna go ahead and say they won the internet for the day, though several other fans got pretty close. One asked Karn whether or not he’d ever try his hand at the fashion industry setting him up for the perfect “NFTee” pun.

One fan also joked about another penultimate “Home Improvement” character saying:

“I feel like if Tim was explaining these to Wilson, he’d have hopped over the fence.”