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‘Home Improvement’: These Three Episodes Are Tied for Highest-Rated on IMDB

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Home Improvement is a classic sitcom with so many memorable episodes it’s difficult to choose a favorite. This apparently holds true for many people, with three episodes being tied for the highest-rated on IMDb.

Despite concluding a few decades ago, Tim Allen’s signature show still resonates with fans today. So much so we can’t seem to decide which episode stands above the rest. One thing that does seem unanimous though is how good the holiday ones are. The three episodes in question are “Crazy For You” from season 3, “Twas the Flight Before Christmas” from season 5, and “The Longest Day” also from season 5.

On the subject of holiday episodes, “Crazy For You” is Halloween-themed and entertaining to boot. For those who watch the show, Tim is quite the prankster and is seemingly impervious to being pranked himself. However, his wife Jill sets up an elaborate one involving a supposed stalker Tim has. Making it even better is the fact Jill never indulges in pranks herself. Overall, it’s a fun episode.

Another holiday hit is “Twas the Flight Before Christmas.” As the name suggests, this one takes place around Christmas. While attending a Binford Tools conference, snow strands Tim and his assistant Al Borland at an airport. Similar to Tim pranking people, he also always goes overboard with decorating his home for Christmas. With him gone, his children do it in his stead to hilarious effect for the annual holiday decorating contest.

Finally, on a bit of a serious note comes “The Longest Day.” The Taylors spend the episode worrying about the news Randy may have cancer. The episode is beyond heartfelt and even includes a few good laughs to help you cope.

Someone Else Almost Played Al Borland in ‘Home Improvement’

What makes Home Improvement such a timeless classic isn’t just the subject matter and show format, but the actors portraying the characters. For instance, Tim’s loveable assistant Al was almost played by someone else.

Looper provided the details, stating Stephen Tobolowsky almost had the part. In fact, he technically did have it after auditioning for the role. He hit a snag though and had to step away. According to him, show executives wanted him to sign an exclusive Home Improvement contract, which he didn’t do. Waiting to hear back from several movies he auditioned for, along with his wife being pregnant, he couldn’t risk it.

“I couldn’t do any other work, any other shows, which is normal on a regular show,” Tobolowsky recalled. “But my wife was pregnant, we had a baby coming. I had auditioned for a couple of movies and was waiting on them, and they said I couldn’t do movies.”

Richard Karn not playing Al? I don’t think so, Tim.