‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Shares a Deleted Scene From the Show

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

A brand new episode of “Home Town” aired last night, and Ben Napier shared a scene that fans never saw.

Married couple Ben and Erin Napier star on the show, and their main goal is to remodel Southern homes in Laurel, Mississippi. And they never do a bad job. The show is currently on its sixth season that began this month. The show’s success is because of Erin and Ben Napier’s southern charm and bright ideas.

Earlier today, Ben Napier took to Instagram a deleted scene. He also makes a joke in the caption, and bonus points if you laugh.

In the caption of the post, @scotsman.co said, “DELETED SCENE!!! Viewers missed out on this cinematic gold. Just proves that behind every great woodworker, there’s a smaller great woodworker.”

In the clip, you will see Ben Napier walking towards the camera while taking his workshop glasses off in slow motion. Meanwhile, “Home Town’s” Randy is behind him reenacting the moment, which makes this scene even funnier.

“Home Town” fans are flooding the comments with hilarious commentary.

“Reminds me of Russian nesting dolls,” one said with a laughing emoticon.

“Randy is the best!” another fan said.

“Home Town” Star Ben Napier Tries to Get in Better Shape For His Daughters

Most of you know that Ben Napier would do anything for his wife and daughters. With that said, he is trying to get in better shape for them.

In a past episode of “Home Town,” Ben Napier opened up about his fitness life. The woodworker recently shared what he does to stay active while working on the show, according to Yahoo News.

“I’ve always worked out,” he said. “I can benchpress more than a lot of people, but I can’t do a pull-up.”

Reports state that his second daughter’s arrival made him want to improve his workout game. After all, a TV star has to look good for the camera.

The famous “Home Town” star doesn’t have to do this on his own. With the help of Erin’s brother, who is a physical therapist, he’s off to a great start. He’ll be doing 100 pull-ups in no time!

“I need to start working out a little more intentionally, so I’m using pull-ups as a benchmark,” Yahoo News reported from a clip of Ben working out. “This is my new lifestyle.”

And he plans to stick to this every single day.