‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Shares Rare Pic With His Brother for His Birthday

by Joe Rutland

It has to be a special reason for “Home Town” star Ben Napier to share a photo with his brother. Well, it was his birthday.

Napier, who with his wife Erin refurbishes homes in Laurel, Miss., posted two pictures on Instagram for the world to see.

Check it out below.

“Home Town” is currently filming Season 6 for their show on HGTV.

How did all this start? The couple reportedly was featured in “Southern Weddings” magazine and on its Instagram account. That led to HGTV contacting them and, well, the rest is history.

The show debuted in January 2016.

Also, there have been two other shows, “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” and “Home Town Takeover,” created for Ben and Erin Napier.

‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Gives Fans A Look at Season 6 Filming

Back on Oct. 4, “Home Town” star Erin Napier went on Instagram to tell her followers that the filming of Season 6 is taking place.

She wrote on there, “#hgtvhometown, day one of season SIX!” And Erin added a photo of her and Ben together.

Meanwhile, Napier also wrote, “Thank you so much for watching so we get to keep making this very special show together. Thank you times a million!!”

Recently, Erin also announced that there would be no Season 2 of “Takeover.”

She said in an article about the news because she and Ben have too much on their plate. They also are putting the family first in their lives.

Erin Napier Shared Sweet Update About Baby Daughter With Public

Well, it’s no surprise that Erin Napier loves her baby daughter.

Back in August, she shared a photo of her holding her baby daughter in her arms.

Erin also added an update on her condition.

She wrote, “At a little over two months old, Mae makes cooing/puppy sounds, eats 5 ounces per feeding, sleeps from 9 pm – 7:30 am and has a nap schedule.”

That’s pretty rad. Erin Napier really is having trouble seeing how time flies with her baby.

Napier added, “I can’t believe we are almost out of the newborn days. #maedays”.

Another TV star, Ree Drummond also known as “The Pioneer Woman,” wrote, “Sweet beautiful child.”

Also, “Wheel of Fortune” star Vanna White was happy to hear about Mae’s birth. She sent Mae and her family a handmade blanket.

One other thing she also talked about: puzzles.

“I am struggling with this puzzle for ages 6+ but my 3-year-old keeps telling me ‘don’t say you’re bad at puzzles mama. you’re getting better,'” Napier wrote on Aug. 15. She shared a photo of her daughter working on a Disney puzzle based on “Frozen.”