‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Is ‘Crying’ Over Her Daughter Growing Up

by Chase Thomas

Growing up is a part of life. There is no escaping your children getting older and older before one day, just efore you know it, they become adults. Time flies, especially if you’re a parent it seems. Home Town star Erin Napier is experiencing that first hand this week. She took to her personal Instagram to reveal her daughter is now writing and spelling, so she’s crying over the prospect of her little girl growing up.

In the caption for the post she wrote, “In a few weeks she’ll be four and she’s writing and spelling and I’m crying because it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced cc: @scotsman.co.”

Fans loved the heartwarming message. One fan wrote, “New readers and writers is the best!! Sweet girl!!!!”

Another fan wrote, “Yes!!! I feel like no one talks about this. One of the biggest amazements of life is seeing these little people that couldn’t even hold their little heads up reading, writing, doing math. It’s bewildering.”

The ‘Home Town Takeover’ with Erin Napier

Outside of their traditional show, the Napiers also did a spin-off of sorts where the family moved one state over to help another town in a major way. The catch was, though, that they would have to stay there for an extended time to do the work and help those folks and that particular town for an extended period of time.

Well, a lot happened while the Napiers were in Wetumpka. Their family had some things happen and being so far from home made all that scary sometimes and quite complicated. Still, the town where they went to help ended up helping them in a major way, which you love to see.

Moving Forward

Erin Napier told Yahoo about the family leaving, “I just started thinking about, like, all these people that cared for us and took care of us when we’re so far from home. We had a lot of hard moments while we were filming in Wetumpka.”

She continued, “Our little girl broke her leg. I was really, you know, not feeling great and the pregnancy, and there was a handful of people who knew that I was pregnant there and they just loved us and they took care of us. They brought us food. They helped us, you know, we needed a doctor. We didn’t know who to call. They stepped up and stood in the gap where we really needed people. I was thinking of all those things as we’re filming this scene about just, get it the truck and drive away, and I started crying.”

It was hard for the couple to leave the town because of how much the town helped them.