‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Shares Heartwarming Story Behind New Episode

by Chase Thomas

A new season of Home Town is here. It’s the perfect time of year for the show to return, too, isn’t it, Outsiders? The show is predicated on warmth and compassion. That is exactly what this time of year is all about. This is a time for reflection and a reminder to be kind to one another. Ben and Erin Napier exemplify that on their program. So it should come as no surprise that Home Town star Erin Napier shared a heartwarming story behind the newest episode.

Yes, in a new Instagram post Erin Napier posted a series of photos highlighting the new home for Jemarcus who is seen jumping for joy the second photo after seeing the new home and finished product by Napier and company.

The Big Reveal

For the caption, Erin Napier wrote, “A home for Jemarcus was such a great place to begin the new season of HGTVHomeTown ! Some things to explain: it killed us not to hug him during the reveal (thanks covid 🥺), this and the next two episodes you will see were filmed right before Mae was born so that I could take a nice maternity leave after she arrived and you could see Home Town after Christmas (so your TV may label these 3 eps season 5–but they’re new, Mae and I promise), and finally: you can shop Jemarcus’s house now for 15% off at @laurelmercantile. See you again next Sunday night on @hgtv at 8/7 ct or anytime on @discoveryplus!”

It was an amazing moment that folks were so excited to see play out on TV. One fan wrote, “Such a great episode!! Jemarcus filled me with so much joy!”

Another fan wrote, “If there was a trophy for reactions, Jamarcus would take the prize.”

Erin And Ben Napier Teamwork

Erin and Ben Napier work very well together. This much is obvious. They have thrived with their show and it has gained quite the following. Folks love the work they do for their hometown. The couple is a great team and has been together a long time.

They told People, “We kind of formed our identities around each other in a way that I think is really healthy and good.” They bonded as they were growing in their own lives and grew together to form an even better bond. She concluded, “There are things I’m not great at that Ben is, and there are things that he needs help with.” There is a natural give-and-take there. Some things Erin is good at and other things Ben is good at. It just depends on the situation.

You can watch Home Town on HGTV.