‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Says Life Is ‘Moving Faster’ Than Ever Before in Poignant Reminder

by Taylor Cunningham

Life is moving fast for Erin Napier, and the Home Town star wants to remind everyone that today’s memories will slowly fade.

“Time feels like it’s moving faster now than it used to” for Erin Napier. Her hectic schedule combined with the early years of motherhood makes the days fly by. So she’s “making an effort to remember” the “vignettes” of her life.

“Every afternoon when I come in from work, I prepare Ben’s coffee for tomorrow,” Erin shared on Instagram. “I sit a mug upside down on the top so he knows I was there when he finds it at 4:30 am.”

In a photo, the Home Town host showcased a small nook in her Laurel, Mississippi, kitchen. In one half of the snapshot, we see a refrigerator adorned with art made by her three-year-old daughter, Helen.

“Every new painting Helen does has its time in the spotlight on the fridge before moving to the drawer for safekeeping,” she noted.

On the other half of the picture, we see a coffee maker with a Dean and Deluca coffee cup resting on top.

Erin bought the mug for Ben during her first trip to NYC when she was still a college student. The cup is Ben’s “favorite mug of all” because he and Erin watched every episode of Felicity together. And for those of you who don’t know, Dean and Deluca was the coffee shop where Felicity worked and all the characters hung out.

The simple sight of her kitchen filled with trinkets of love made Erin remember how lucky she is and how quickly this phase of her life will be gone.

“I’m making an effort to remember these vignettes of our life before this season of it passes,” she concluded. “Here’s your reminder to write it down, take a photo of it, before it’s blurry around the edges in your memory.”

‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Wants Help Saving Christmas Tradition

Hey Laurel, MS, Outsiders, Home Town’s Erin Napier needs your help!

Every year since the 1950s, Erin’s Home Town has held an annual holiday pancake day at the local Kiwanis Club. But this year, the event may be canceled due to a lack of volunteers. So Erin is making a last-ditch effort to save the tradition by asking her fans for help.

“Sadly, the Kiwanis Club is shrinking as year follows year and the volunteer base needed to feed 2,000+ guests at the YWCO location is mighty,” she wrote on Instagram. “Join us and @laurelmercantile as we stand in the gap serving on Pancake Day, December 4, 2021… Sign up today and let’s SAVE THE PANCAKES!”

Erin later announced that she and Ben have successfully saved pancake day.