‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Notices a Powerful Quote in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

by Hannah Heser

“Home Town” star Erin Napier shares a powerful quote from “It’s a Wonderful Life” with her Instagram followers. With Christmas being the time to give and spread cheer, Erin did just that with this post.

The quote said, “All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away,” which really is a perfect message for the holidays. It encourages people to really sit down and think about what it means.

“Never noticed that under Pa Bailey’s portrait in the building and loan till tonight. Merry Christmas,” Napier said in the caption.

In the photograph, her husband, Ben Napier, holds a stuffed polar bear that might represent the North Pole. And they are surrounded by a Christmas tree, four stockings, and gifts for the family to open on Christmas day.

Although, Erin is trying to help people understand the true meaning of Christmas. That is, it’s not all about the gifts you receive from loved ones, but it’s about the vibes you give off. If you show positivity and a warm personality, it will uplift everyone around you. But if you’re negative around this time of year, it will do the complete opposite.

One fan of “It’s a Wonderful Life” comments, “This movie has gotten me through life.” And another person goes, “Never seen it,” and people are telling him to watch it today. It truly is an amazing holiday movie.

Aside from her “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie observation, Erin Napier gives us an inside look at her 2022 wishes.

The Napier Family’s Christmas Tradition and Wishlist for 2022

Now that 2021 is almost over, people all over the world are creating their 2022 bucket lists.

The Napier family is also spreading holiday cheer through the joy of Christmas decorations. Erin posts a picture of her daughters on Instagram to bring a little inside scoop on what her holiday looks like this year.

“Heaven is 2 baby girls snuggled up on you and a fire going at Christmas time.”

All in all, the Napier family look to be huge fans of Christmas, as they decorate their house every year. They wasted no time after Thanksgiving to set up their decorations.

Besides Erin and her family always going above and beyond for the holidays, she and Ben have a remarkable story of when they first met.

How Ben and Erin Napier First Met

First, the “Home Town” cute couple got married in 2008. Then they became hosts of the show.

In a recent interview with People magazine, the couple said they grew up together and felt a strong connection throughout the years.

Erin was only 19 when they started dating and now she’s 36-years-old. Time sure flies by when you find the right person.