‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reflects on 2021 in Heartfelt Post

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

A new year is upon us, Outsiders. It’s New Year’s Eve and 2022 is just around the corner. It’s the holiday season, which means it’s a time of relaxing and looking back on the year that was. That’s right, Outsiders, this is the perfect time for reflection and thinking about how to make 2022 even better.

One of those folks looking back on 2021 is Home Town star, Erin Napier. In a new Instagram post, Napier reflected on the year where she wrote, “2021 is gone, in what felt like just a few sleeps. It was an important year for us: Helen turned 3 with the new year, broke her leg, underwent surgery, healed and life kept on going.
We completed Home Town Takeover in Wetumpka and got to hear stories of how they’re enjoying this economic revival, then how it inspired so many of you in your own towns. Baby Mae was born and we know now our family is complete. She was our only missing piece. Helen has thrived as her big sister, and has been such a big girl about losing our dog of 12 years, Baker, in July.”

It was a lot. Especially with Home Town Takeover along with everything that happened with their own family. This included a broken leg for one of their children.

The ‘Home Town’ Stars’ Future

She continued, “We bought a farm in the country so our girls will know how to build forts in the woods, how to climb trees, how to catch fish. How to be in the quiet country. You’ll see us renovate parts of it on season 6 in a few months.” The Napiers like to be out in the country. They like the quiet. They have an idea how they want to raise their children and in what kind of climate. Napier added, “Our American made companies @laurelmercantile and @scotsmangeneralstore grew by leaps and bounds because you were tired of waiting on things from containers stuck in the ocean.”

Napier added, “You supported hundreds of American makers, you paid their light bills and put food on their tables.” The businesses are also doing well, and it’s helping folks around the country also thrive in 2021. They found light in another tough situation for so many folks in 2021.”

The post concluded with, “Mae was born with some congenital defects from the womb but is doing great in physical therapy, and is getting stronger everyday—almost crawling, always smiling. She is the sweetest and easiest baby the good Lord ever made. God held us in the palm of his hand through another year of uncertainty and pain in the world and keeps us close, ever present, never changing. He is so good.
So let’s try this again. “

A positive attitude. This is what the Napiers’ stress heading into 2022. They’ve been through a lot, but their faith is their rock. You can watch Home Town on HGTV.