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‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Celebrates ‘Best One of All Time’ in Sweet Anniversary Post

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Meggan Haller for The Washington Post via Ge

It’s anniversary time for Ben and Erin Napier of Home Town on HGTV. Ben took to Instagram to post an adorable, heartfelt post about his longtime bride.

Ben wrote, “Happy 13th anniversary to the best one of all time. I love you more than ever, @erinapier.”

Fans commented in support of the happy couple. One fan wrote, “We are about to hit #19. It goes way too fast! Happy anniversary!”

Another wrote, “I just love all your posts! Happy Anniversary to you both…very happy for you and grateful for all that you do”

Thirteen years together and the couple from Home Town seem to never have been happier, which you just love to see.

A ‘Home Town’ Spin Off

The Napiers have been busy in 2021. Hometown Takeover, a spin-off of their original show, required the family to temporarily move to another home in Alabama away from their home in Mississippi.

Then, after a few months of filming, they had to go. The show must go on. They left. Erin said of the move, “I just started thinking about, like, all these people that cared for us and took care of us when we’re so far from home. We had a lot of hard moments while we were filming in Wetumpka.”

The Napiers made real connections in that area. Moving like this with a family across state lines isn’t easy. For anybody. Thankfully, it seems like the Napiers had a great support system in the community to make it easier on everyone.

Erin continued, “Our little girl broke her leg. I was really, you know, not feeling great and the pregnancy, and there was a handful of people who knew that I was pregnant there and they just loved us and they took care of us. They brought us food. They helped us, you know, we needed a doctor. We didn’t know who to call. They stepped up and stood in the gap where we really needed people. I was thinking of all those things as we’re filming this scene about just, get it the truck and drive away, and I started crying.”

The community stepped up for the Napiers when they needed them. It was an emotional thing to spend so much emotional energy doing the kinds of projects they did in this town to only leave after everything is complete. Yes, that is part of what they signed up for, but it had to be difficult to make all of those connections. in the town only to pack up and leave not all that long after. You can watch the program on HGTV.