‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Celebrates Daughter’s 4th Birthday With Sweet Look Back

by Chase Thomas

Home Town has become one of the biggest shows on HGTV in recent years. Ben and Erin Napier have become hit stars on the show. It has become so cool to watch from afar. The couple has been through a lot in 2021. Especially with their Home Town Takeover series which required them to move for an extended period of time away from their hometown. The couple does tremendous work for their community while also doing a geat job at home with their family. In regards to their family, Home Town star Ben Napier just celebrated his daughter’s fourth birthday with a sweet look back on his personal Instagram page this week.

In the post, Ben Napier wrote, “Last night, we put our 3 year old to bed for the last time. Today, she is 4. We talked about everything she did in this year of her life. She did things that I have never done, things that I’ll never do, and things that I wish I could’ve done for her. I’m so proud of my tiny dancer. Happy birthday, big sister.”

The Message

It was such a sweet message from Ben regarding his daughter who is now also a big sister in their family. Folks loved the note, including Hollywood star Drew Barrymore. Barrymore wrote,@scotsman.co @erinapier you two and babies and doggies AND the @oscarmayer Weiner mobile ! Hot dog!!!!”

Another fan wrote, “I just have to say, I found out on Jan 2 2018 that I was expecting my daughter, and Helen’s birth was the first I saw come across social after I found out. I will never forget seeing that post about her being born bc it hit me so differently, I was like whoa that’s gonna be us in 9 months… made it so real. And it was! Happy bday Helen, time flies!!”

Ben Napier As A Dad

Ben Napier takes being a dad seriously. It’s important to him. Same with helping his community. His early love of woodworking spawned it all and found a way to incorporate that into his work and his family.

He told Country Living, “My parents are both United Methodist ministers, and while I grew up doing little projects around the church or parsonage, it wasn’t until college that I started woodworking and building furniture. I was studying history and had always been drawn to the stories behind antiques, the way furniture reflected how people lived and worked. On our TV shows, I get to design pieces I hope people will keep and pass on, so when my wife, Erin, and I found out we were having our daughter, Helen, I wanted to make a crib that would become a family heirloom.”

You can watch Home Town on HGTV.