‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Gets Some Celebrity Help in New Photos

by Thad Mitchell

A brand new episode of the HGTV smash hit series “Home Town” is just a few hours away and fans are getting excited.

“Home Town” is one of the most popular renovation shows currently on television, boasting a huge fan base. The show features married couple Ben and Erin Napier as they spruce up older properties in their Home Town of Laurel, Mississippi. Ben takes care of the construction aspect of their projects and Erin handles the decorating and other details. The two are known to completely turn around struggling homes into exquisite living quarters for their community. “Home Town” is now in its sixth season and is one of the most-watched do-it-yourself shows currently airing. Much of the show’s success can be directly attributed to the charm and likability possessed by Ben and Erin Napier.

Ben took to social media earlier today (Sunday) to promote the latest brand new episode that will air tonight. He also teases some help from a well-known celebrity in tonight’s show.

“Ok y’all, we’ve got some must-see tv tonight,” he says in the social media post. First off, tonight’s episode of HGTV Home Town will feature one of the coolest builds to come out of my shop along with some bodybuilding. Then, two new episodes of Ben’s Workshop. George Lopez and I are building something for the Laurel Animal Rescue League. George has a really fascinating story that you will love. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and I build something of interest for some of Laurel’s finest. Ricky just happens to be a good friend of mine and my favorite NASCAR driver! Home Town air 8/ 7 on HGTV and you can watch Ben’s Workshop on Discovery Plus.”

‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Focusing on Fitness and Family

As Ben notes his in social media post, bodybuilding will be a focal point in tonight’s episode. Ben has recently dedicated himself to living a healthier lifestyle and getting into shape. His motivation for pursuing fitness is his young and growing family. He and his wife and “Home Town” co-star Erin Napier have two young daughters. He knows he will need all the energy he can muster to keep up with the kids.

“I’ve always worked out,” he says in a clip from tonight’s episode. “I can benchpress more than a lot of people, but I can’t do a pull-up,” he says. “I’ve got two daughters, one on the way, I am getting older I’m trying to take a little bit better care of myself. Who knows? Maybe I’ll enter a body-building competition. Probably not going to do that.”

We’ll find out what the Napiers have been up to with tonight’s new “Home Town” episode.