‘Home Town’ Star Ben Napier Says He’s Trying to Be Healthier for His Daughters

by Michael Freeman

Home Town star Ben Napier is known for the show on HGTV obviously, but his fans also know he’s a huge family man. On that note, he recently said he’s trying to be healthier for his daughters’ sake.

In a PEOPLE exclusive, the outlet obtained a clip from the newest Home Town episode. In it, Ben Napier talks about his new outlook regarding physical fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Explaining he’s always worked out, he wants to get stronger, both from a physical standpoint and a cardiovascular one for his daughters. “I’ve got two daughters, one on the way,” he stated. “I am getting older, I’m trying to take a little bit better care of myself.”

Luckily for him, he just so happens to have someone in the family who can help. His brother-in-law, Clark, is a physical therapist and knows Napier has the drive to make it happen. “You’re gonna make me stronger? We’re going to get stronger?” Ben asked him, to which Clark answered, “Yes, I know you can do it!”

In another clip featuring spliced workout footage, the HGTV star talks about using pull-ups as a benchmark. He noted being strong on traditional lifts like the bench press, but never being able to do a single pull-up. “I need to start working out a little more intentionally. And so I’m using pull-ups as like a benchmark. This is my new lifestyle. This is every day.”

As someone who avidly works out, it absolutely is a lifestyle and you feel great doing it. Ben Napier seems to be enjoying it too, joking, later on, he might just enter a body-building competition.

“Probably not going to do that,” he added shortly after.

Ben Napier Celebrates Daughter’s 4th Birthday with Wholesome Throwback Pics

Ben Napier changing his entire lifestyle for his family is a big step and telling about how much he values being there for them in every aspect of the phrase. It’s likely not surprising then that for his daughter’s 4th birthday, he took to social media with wholesome throwback pics to celebrate.

Taking to Instagram for Helen’s 4th birthday, the post includes a multitude of childhood milestones. Family pets, injuries, playground visits, and many naps are shown and they’re all sweet, to say the least.

“Last night, we put our 3-year-old to bed for the last time,” Ben posted a week ago. “Today, she is 4. We talked about everything she did in this year of her life. She did things that I have never done, things that I’ll never do, and things that I wish I could’ve done for her. I’m so proud of my tiny dancer. Happy birthday, big sister.”