‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Celebrates ‘First Baby’ Turning 4 in Sweet Pics

by Michael Freeman

Home Town star Erin Napier has celebrated her daughter Helen every chance she gets since she was born. With Helen having her fourth birthday recently, you can bet Erin didn’t miss the opportunity. Celebrating her “first baby” turning four, she shared some sweet pictures on Instagram.

Home Town may be a huge HGTV hit, but nothing tops Helen for Ben and Erin Napier. Showing off Helen’s Frozen-themed birthday cake and storytime with her dad on Instagram, it’s a safe bet Helen had a great time.

“Today, my first baby turned 4,” Erin captioned the post. “We made a blue Elsa cake together, and bought a balloon that looked like a llama, and had a tiny party with her favorite foods (lo mein & sesame street chicken) and her framily. The day she was born there was a flu epidemic that was so serious we couldn’t leave the house or have company for many weeks.”

Unfortunately for Helen, the flu epidemic was a precursor for COVID. “Now she’s growing up in the COVID world and it is very small. She has her family and a handful of friends and cousins, always in careful interactions, and I wish the world was different for them. Praying for normalcy to come sooner than later for all the little ones in the world tonight.”

Despite her pleas for normalcy, Erin’s Instagram followers are saying her posts bring a sense of it to them. Many of them also wish both her and Helen a great birthday.

Ben Napier Also Celebrated his Daughter’s Birthday with Some Throwback Pics

If Erin Napier celebrated Helen’s birthday, you better believe Ben was right there with her. Also taking to Instagram, he posted a series of throwback pics and a lovely caption about her special day.

The post is both touching and wholesome, displaying key moments from Helen’s life and her family members. In them, we see her riding a tricycle, attending family gatherings, and napping in quite a few of them. More than just a birthday though, Ben thanked his little girl for being a great sister to their newest family member too.

“Last night, we put our 3 year old to bed for the last time,” Ben wrote to accompany the pictures. “Today, she is 4. We talked about everything she did in this year of her life. She did things that I have never done, things that I’ll never do, and things that I wish I could’ve done for her. I’m so proud of my tiny dancer. Happy birthday, big sister.”

Sharing the family’s joy and similar to Erin’s post, Ben’s followers also wish Helen a happy birthday while praising the parental duo for a job well done.