‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Gives Fans Glimpse Into ‘The Future’

by Keeli Parkey

The coming years look like they will be happy – and productive ones – for the stars of the popular HGTV series, “Home Town.”

Those stars, of course, are the beloved married couple, Ben Napier and Erin Napier. Recently, it was Erin who gave her fans and followers a small glimpse into what lies ahead for her family’s business. And judging by the photo, there are big things ahead.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a photo of her husband and an unnamed individual. The image was captured from behind the two men as they take in what appears to be an old factory of some sort. Judging by their body language, it appears that the “Home Town” star and the man are discussing plans for the large space.

It’s difficult to say exactly what they are doing, however. See, Erin Napier didn’t give any details about what her husband and his collaborator were doing in the caption she included with the photo. Also, all she had to say was, “The future. #americanmade.”

You can check out the photo Erin Napier shared below. What project do you think she is hinting at?

Fans React to Recent Instagram Post by ‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier

Obviously, the post recent post by Erin Napier was meant to generate excitement surrounding whatever the “Home Town” stars are planning for the future. Are they opening a new business? Could they be opening a brick and mortar store? Or are they going to begin manufacturing something?

Fans will just have to wait and see what happens. Honestly, Erin social media will be a great place for fans to continue to monitor in the days and weeks ahead.

Also, speaking of the fans of “Home Town,” several of them had things to say about Erin’s glimpse into “the future.”

For example, one follower guessed that the space Ben was checking out was, “Scotsman Furniture Factory perhaps.”

“Can’t wait to see what’s in the works!” another fan also posted in a comment that captures what many “Home Town” fans must be feeling.

Another fan praised the famous couple’s commitment to items made in the United States. “Really admire your commitment to American made products,” another follower also shared.

Finding out what the “Home Town” stars have in store for the space Erin showcased on Instagram, isn’t the only thing their fans have to look forward to. The popular couple has also been filming the sixth season of their HGTV show.

Erin announced that she and Ben had started filming the new season on Oct. 4. She showed a photo of them from the set. And she also expressed her appreciation to their fans for helping make their show a success.

“Thank you so much for watching so we get to keep making this very special show together. thank you times a million!!” she shared.