‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Gives Fans Look at Adorable Pic of Husband Ben as an Infant

by Jennifer Shea

“Home Town” star Erin Napier is giving fans of the show a peek at her husband Ben as an infant. Napier posted the baby picture to Instagram on Monday, which she said shows the couple’s daughter Mae takes after her dad.

“Baby Mae! jk, it’s baby @scotsman.co,” she captioned the post.

‘Home Town’ Stars Recently Recovered the Family Bunny

Meanwhile, it’s interesting times in the Napier household, where Erin and Ben have taken to calling the family pet “miracle bunny” after its recent ordeal.

Here’s what happened. They had made the mistake of letting the bunny roam free out in the yard. The bunny then found a hole in the fence, squeezed through and booked it.

For weeks, the Napiers combed the neighborhood for the bunny, but to no avail. They had basically given up looking when the “Home Town” director stumbled across the bunny, Madison, hopping down the street.

He scooped Madison up and gave her to Ben, who brought her home to his overjoyed daughter. Madison had managed to survive on her own for four months and looked none the worse for wear. And now she’s back with her family, and all is well.

“Guys,” Napier posted to Instagram. “Helen’s bunny, Madison, disappeared 4 months ago. We let her run around the yard and she slipped through a hole in the fence. We looked everywhere for her. This morning, our director, Kirk, found her hopping down our street and @scotsman.co brought her home. Miracle bunny.”

HGTV Show Follows Napiers on Their Renovation Adventures

“Home Town” takes place in Laurel, Mississippi, a town of roughly 18,000 where, thanks in part to the Napiers, picturesque homes now abound. The show launched in 2016, and it has been going strong for several years.

The Napiers are former college sweethearts who met at Jones County Junior College, according to Realtor.com. They reportedly weren’t really HGTV fans before they landed on the show, but they wanted to bring the cameras to their hometown of Laurel.

Yet with no home renovation backgrounds – she had studied graphic design, he’d studied history – they had to learn about the business from shows like “Fixer Upper.” Before they wound up on “Home Town,” the couple ran a furniture store, a stationery shop and a home goods retail store in Laurel.

They’ve come a long way since Ben was just a little guy taking a bath in that picture. Tune in to HGTV to watch the grown-up Napiers’ adventures in renovation. Season 6 premieres Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022.