‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Keeps Warm with a Little Help from Husband Ben

by Chase Thomas

It’s getting chilly out there, Outsiders. You don’t have to tell Home Town star Erin Napier about that, though. Napier snapped an adorable photo that she posted for her Instagram followers this week.

In the photo, you see Napier getting the sweetest of hugs from her husband. Yes, Home Town star Erin Napier was kept warm with a little help from her husband, Ben.

For the caption, Erin wrote, “i’ve got my love to keep me warm (before today’s reveal!).”

Fans loved the photo and the message. One fan wrote, “I spy with my little eye… Hope!”

Another fan wrote, “You guys definitely show how it should be done !”

‘Home Town Takeover’ Fallout

One of the cooler things and experiments the couple has done of late, outside of their popular reality show, is a situation in which they went to another town and completed a mega project for that community. The catch was, though, that it required the family to move a state over temporarily.

Erin opened up about the experience to Yahoo!, where she said, “I just started thinking about, like, all these people that cared for us and took care of us when we’re so far from home. We had a lot of hard moments while we were filming in Wetumpka.” Clearly, the community stepped up in a major way for their family. It was an incredibly difficult time for them, as you could imagine, Outsiders. The community took them in and made a big impact on their life.

Leaving The Community

She continued, “Our little girl broke her leg. I was really, you know, not feeling great and the pregnancy, and there was a handful of people who knew that I was pregnant there and they just loved us and they took care of us. They brought us food. They helped us, you know, we needed a doctor. We didn’t know who to call. They stepped up and stood in the gap where we really needed people. I was thinking of all those things as we’re filming this scene about just, get it the truck and drive away, and I started crying.”

It was an emotional time. The family had strong ties to the community, and leaving them was hard. For the Napiers to invest so much time and energy into the community, you could understand why the Home Town stars were sad to leave. Their personal struggles were alleviated thanks to the community, and without them, it may not have been possible to pull it all off. The gratitude from the Napiers is strong, as the couple acknowledged all of the different ways in which the town stepped up and helped them when crisis struck their home.