‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Mourns Loss of Her Favorite Christmas Ornament

by Michael Freeman

I think all of us have at least one Christmas ornament that has a strong emotional attachment to it. Home Town star Erin Napier definitely does, but unfortunately for her, it seems to have broken. Mourning the loss on her social media channels, she’s hoping someone can help her find another.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Erin Napier posted a beautiful picture of her home decked out in Christmas attire. However, not all was well, as the next pic shows her favorite ornament, or rather, what it used to look like. According to her, there was a bit of an accident and her favorite ornament met a terrible end.

“We bought this ornament on our first trip across Massachusetts from the Berkshires to Boston in 2011,” Napier captioned the post. “I was trying to put a new hook on it this year and fumbled. Any of you Bostonians seen this one around town and can help me replace it? It was an all-time favorite and I can’t find it ANYWHERE online. There was a lobster on the other side. I figure if anyone can, my IG folks can find this. Help!”

Requesting the aid of her Instagram followers, Napier provided as much information she could about the coveted ornament. Though initially unsuccessful, Erin Napier’s plea paid off, as one person commented Old World Christmas is the website that makes them.

Napier has yet to post whether or not she was successful in acquiring another copy of the ornament, but here’s hoping she can snag one in time for Christmas.

Erin Napier Celebrates Anniversary Celebration with her Husband Ben Napier

Besides posting homey photos, another subject Erin Napier loves discussing is her marriage with Ben. Recently the couple celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary and you better believe she was happy to talk about it on Instagram.

“In 2008, when we got married we did our first renovation: a very drafty 100-year-old loft in downtown Laurel,” the caption begins. “When we got home from our honeymoon 13 years ago, we put up our first Christmas tree of our own in the corner in the living room. We started our first company in that loft, and we’ve kept it as my studio all these years. In a few weeks, it will be a new home for someone we love dearly and we will pack our last boxes into a truck and say goodbye.”

Why did Napier mention this particular memory? For their 13 wedding anniversary, Ben brought them to the apartment one final time. Not only that, the couple shared their favorite Chinese carryout (as seen in the clip) from their newlywed years. The entire evening shared the newlywed theme and as you can tell, the two were quite sentimental.

Saying the scene is wholesome doesn’t do it near enough justice.