‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reveals Gorgeous Pictures of Houses

by Chase Thomas

Home Town star Erin Napier took to her personal Instagram to share with her fans a couple of gorgeous homes in Laurel, Mississippi.

Just two absolutely stunning homes that Napier posted below.

She captioned it, “These two would definitely be pals with #TheLanternHouse. cc: @adamtrest.”

Fans agreed with her assessment as one fan wrote, “Putting Ben’s master craftsman abilities aside and Erin’s vision for style and architecture, what I love about the both of you is your compassion, and sincerity for the people you help. The both of you have heart, you care, you create the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Live you both⚘❤.”

Another fan wrote, “Have always loved the structure design of both these homes every time I’ve passed by them over the past 40 years!”

‘Home Town Takeover Fallout’

The Napiers have stayed busy in 2021. They did a whole, big-time project that included twelve homes that took several months to work through. Because of the time commitment for the project and how grandiose it was, the family temporarily relocated to the site of the project. They had to move to another state. Then, though, things ended. They moved on. This is part of the deal with these sorts of projects, unfortunately.

Napier said about leaving the town, “I just started thinking about, like, all these people that cared for us and took care of us when we’re so far from home. We had a lot of hard moments while we were filming in Wetumpka.” They really bonded with the town. It made Napier sad that they really helped the family through a tough time only for them to have to leave to head back to their town in Mississippi. You can understand where she is coming from.

Town Helps Napier Famly

She continued, “Our little girl broke her leg. I was really, you know, not feeling great and the pregnancy, and there was a handful of people who knew that I was pregnant there and they just loved us and they took care of us. They brought us food. They helped us, you know, we needed a doctor. We didn’t know who to call. They stepped up and stood in the gap where we really needed people. I was thinking of all those things as we’re filming this scene about just, get it the truck and drive away, and I started crying.”

It was not just one thing that stood out. Napier remembered all sorts of times and moments where the town stepped up. Where they helped the family through various personal, difficult situations. It was overwhelming at times, it seems, for the coupe to be in this new town where they did not know anybody. However, as we saw, the town stepped up in a major way for the Napiers of Home Town.