‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reveals ‘More Ideas’ for Her New ‘Country House’

by Victoria Santiago

We know Erin Napier for her fantastic work on the HGTV show she shares with her husband, Ben. She’s doing work on her own home, too. Their show Home Town focuses on the married couple as they fix up older houses in the Laurel, Mississippi area.

Now, the couple is embarking on their own Home Town remodeling dream. They’re following their tried and true method that they use on the show. Ben will be doing most of the construction work on the house, while Erin will be doing most of the design work. She’s been very vocal on social media about all of the big plans and changes that the couple has for their country house. She often shares posts online of her room mock-ups and plans.

Most recently, Erin Napier shared an Instagram post with future plans for the kids’ rooms. She shared a drawn-over picture of one corner, where she’s added cubbies and a door. She captioned the mock-up as: “more ideas at the country house: the cousin cubby for sleepovers in the girls’ rooms!” The Home Town remodeler has a keen eye for detail and for what works in a space. Just from a simple digital sketch, we can see that her plans will work beautifully in the room.

Obviously, her ideas are popular with people. Fans were quick to praise Erin Napier for her quick girls’ room sketch. “These are the best…almost magical little cubby spots for telling secrets and giggling!” one social media user commented. Another fan said, “Love things like sleep cubbies and loft bunks!!!”

Erin Napier and Crew Have a Lot Going On – From the Show, to Family, to Remodeling Their Country Home

According to Ben and Erin Napier, this country house is their dream come true. It’s amazing that the handy couple has so much energy to put into these home projects. In addition to making over their dream home, they’re also raising kids (with another on the way!) and balancing Home Town.

The HGTV hit show is one of the most-watched and most popular home renovation shows on the air right now. Of course, there’s an endless number of reasons for this. Namely, their designs and remodels are beautiful. It’s nice to see that they stick to homes that are within the area they live in. It’s also nice to see that they try to breathe new life into older buildings, but still keep the character of the houses. Not to mention, the couple is dynamic and fun to watch. Their charm bleeds into the work that they do.

This country home might be the most important makeover for the HGTV couple, and we’re excited to see the finished product.