‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reveals Plans for Country Home

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

The hit HGTV series “Home Town” features married couple Ben and Erin Napier fixing up older houses for other people in Laurel, Mississippi.

But as everyone knows, sometimes you have to do a little work for yourselves. That is what Ben and Erin are planning to do, taking a “Home Town” timeout to makeover their own country home. It is easy to tell the couple is very excited about the project as both have talked about what it means to them. The Napier family says that remodeling this particular home is a dream come true. As it is on their show, Ben will handle much of the construction component of the project. Erin typically handles the design aspects when it comes to decorating the small historic homes in Laurel. “Home Town” has become a very popular show in part because Ben and Erin are fantastic at what they do. But it is their big personalities and subtle charm that drives people to their television sets when “Home Town” is on.

On Monday, Erin took to social media to share some design plans with her “Home Town” fans. She gives a little peek into the project by providing a sketch of the idea in her head. It is easy to see the big picture and imagine the finished project by looking at Erin’s sketch. She has big plans for a couple of pantries that will help with their storage needs.

“A tiny peek at my quick sketching for our country house today, adding pantries where once there were none,” she says in the social media post. “Forever grateful to the great work of our talented architects who always help us problem solve the houses on.”

‘Home Town’ Team Ben and Erin Napier Work on ‘Dream’ Home

As excited as the Napiers are about this project, their “Home Town” fans are every bit just as excited for them. Several social media users chime into the comments to express how excited they are to watch the project unfold.

“I love this. And it’s so fun to do!” a fan social media user says. “This is what parents call a teachable moment! It shows all of us to take that pic and then break out to digital pens and start drawing! Draw and dream!”

“Home Town” is one of the most-watched and popular home renovation series currently on television. The couple’s family is growing as Ben and Erin have two small children. Having any amount of children takes quite a bit of energy and Ben recently rededicated himself to getting into shape.

“I’ve got two daughters, one on the way, I am getting older I’m trying to take a little bit better care of myself,” he says. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll enter a body-building competition. Probably not going to do that.”