‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reveals What Makes Her Baby Laugh

by Chase Thomas

Home Town star Erin Napier is a busy woman these days. It’s not just with her reality show with husband Ben, no, it’s also being a mother, too. Parenthood is a wild ride, but it is undoubtedly one that is both worth it and flies by much too quickly. That’s why it’s important sometimes to stop, take a breather, and laugh about what makes your own baby laugh. That’s what Napier did. Yes, Home Town star Erin Napier revealed on her personal Instagram page what makes her baby laugh.

For the caption on her Instagram post, Napier wrote, “The Pat the Bunny mirror never stops making babies giggle.”

Fans of Erin loved the post and the hilarious photos. One fan wrote in the comments, “I can smell that book just by looking at your pictures. It’s one of my childhood faves!”

Another fan wrote, “I’m going to cry, this simple photo brought back so many wonderful memories of reading this sweet book to my daughters who are now in their 20’s Enjoy every second with your precious angels and thanks for sharing.”

‘Home Town’ Family Time

The Napiers have continued expanding their family tree. The couple from Home Town now have a family of four, that includes the baby mentioned above. This is a lot to juggle when you also run one of the more popular reality shows on HGTV along with the demands of the actual business. It’s a lot to handle for both Ben and Erin, but they acknowledge as such.

Erin told Yahoo!, “It feels like every day is a dance, and it has to be carefully choreographed for us to get to the end and all feel good about it.” You have to organize and plan and be cognizant of your schedule and time and what’s all realistic. She continues, “The wheels fall off around 5 p.m.” Still, there are limitations to the amount of productivity one can accomplish after a certain point.

She continued, “We have had to get more help with that, honestly. The only trick I’ve learned so far is that you’ve got to say what you need. And what I need is to be there for my kids. I really don’t want someone else to raise them. I want us to be 100 percent a part of their life.” They want to stay involved. Even with their schedules, they want to be hands-on parents.

Ben concluded, “If we are going to go on the road for [Home Town] Takeover, or if we’re going to do media stuff in New York, then we’re going to have to bring our family along with us. And so that’s how we do it. We don’t fold on our family time.”

You can watch Home Town on HGTV.