‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Shares Adorable Airplane Selfie with Husband

by Joe Rutland

“Home Town” star Erin Napier works closely with husband Ben on the show, but on Friday, Outsiders, she tossed out a sweet picture.

Napier is on a plane with Ben. But there’s something quite adorable about her post.

We think it’ll give you an “aw how sweet” feeling, too. Feast your eyes on this snap.

Isn’t that sweet? Now all of you “Home Town” fans can go check out episodes and show information at their website right here.

So, as you know Outsiders, the Napiers work on remodeling homes in Laurel, Miss.

But their show, in its fifth season on HGTV, has attracted millions of viewers. In fact, it’s done so well that two spin-offs, “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” and “Home Town Takeover,” are on TV channels, too. “Ben’s Workshop” is part of the Paramount+ programming.

“Home Town” made its debut on HGTV on Jan. 24, 2016, and continues to fit in with the network’s offerings.

It appears that the Napiers are keeping their focus on those shows as well as the franchise starter, too.

‘Home Town’ Stars Quite Busy in Filming Season 6 Episodes Right Now

While the plane trip looks sweet and wonderful, don’t let that fool you, Outsiders. The Napiers are busy filming Season 6 episodes for “Home Town.”

She also took to Instagram and informed her fans about this detail.

Erin Napier wrote “#hgtvhometown, day one of season SIX!” with the photo. You can see Erin and Ben both smiling in the pic.

Now she also wrote about how much the “HomeTown” couple appreciates their fans. She’s grateful for their support and shows it. How do we know, Outsiders?

Here’s what Erin wrote. “Thank you so much for watching so we get to keep making this very special show together. Thank you times a million!!”

HGTV Show’s Fans Are All Ready to Watch New Episodes Coming Up In Season 6

After seeing this picture, some “Home Town” fans were all aboard for Season 6 episodes to appear on their TV sets.

One fan named kileyedington mentioned that they visited Laurel, Miss., in July. The Instagram user was driving through while going home to Oklahoma City, Okla., and said that she “LOVED it.”

“The people, the vibe, the Birddog Cafe! Special place” was how the fan closed out this message.

Then, fan vrodmama wrote, “Congrats! Not a more deserving & lovable couple out there for this!”

It appears that the couple has a lot of people pulling for their success on the show. With their ratings and track record, Outsiders, it appears “Home Town” will be around for a bit.