‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Snaps Husband Ben in Funny Moment During Plane Ride

by Thad Mitchell

Ben and Erin Napier, stars of the hit HGTV series “Home Town” are picture-perfect together and fans can’t get enough of the couple.

“Home Town” sees the Napier family find historic small-town houses for people and then renovate them into a dream home. The show is mostly set in Laurel, Mississippi where there are plenty of houses that fit the description. The show’s fifth season premiered earlier this year and “Home Town” continues to grow its robust fan base.

The fifth season of the show contains 16 episodes and sees the Napiers tackling some of their biggest challenges to date. They are up for the challenge, however, and finish some of their most impressive work through the show’s five seasons. The show has drawn excellent ratings, becoming one of HGTV’s most watched television shows.

A big reason for “Home Town’s” immense success is the chemistry that Ben and Erin have together. Whether they tearing down a load-bearing wall or just chatting it up about a recent project, the two are easy to watch and easy to like. Erin often uses social media to share photos of the couple as they travel about and work their craft. Her latest social media post shows her and Ben on an airplane, jetting off to their latest adventure. Ben falls victim to the sandman and Erin takes advantage with a sleepy time selfie with her hubby.

“When that airplane wind noise gets you,” she writes in the post’s caption space.

In a testament to the popularity of “Home Town” and the Napiers — the Friday Instagram post took in well over 60,000 “likes” in a short amount of time.

‘Home Town’ Couple, Ben and Erin Napier, Discuss Relationship

Ever since debuting in 2016, “Home Town” and the Napier family have been building a large following. The happy couple has southern charm in buckets full and enough personality to spread over five seasons with a sixth on the way.

The couple can trace their roots back to their college years but it would take a little while before they truly connected. It was Erin’s role on the yearbook staff that brought the two together. They began dating in 2004 and tied the knot a few years later in 2008. In a recent interview, Erin talk about what brought them together.

“The yearbook staff had to decide the 10 most interesting people to feature in the yearbook,” Erin recalls in a previous interview. “Discussing who is it going to be and everyone raised their hands and said Ben Napier that guy is awesome.”

Now, 13 years and a hit cable television series later, the Napier family is doing quite well for themselves.