‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Takes on Challenge of Designing for Her Childhood Friend

by Taylor Cunningham

This week on Home Town, Erin Napier will help a special guest find and design the home of their dreams.

In People’s exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode (Jan. 30th), the renovation guru meets with Rebekah Staples as she searches for the perfect place in Laurel, Mississippi.

But what makes the hunt so special is that Staples and Napier have been friends since they were in middle school.

“Rebekah is very close to her family. Her family is famous in Jones County,” Napier says in the video. “I think she has a dream of having a family here one day.”

Rebekah Staples was “born and raised” in the charming southern town. Then as an adult, she moved to “the big city of Jackson, Mississippi.” But after being away for a while, she decided she wanted to replant her roots in Laurel.

Because the two are longtime chums, Napier is particularly excited to help create the new home.

“It’s fun designing for a friend,” she continued. “You know what they like on a deeper level.”

Along for the ride is Staples’ sister-in-law Hope, who happens to be Erin Napier’s best childhood friend. Laurel truly is as small as it seems.

As she shares, Napier may have a hard time honing in on Staples’ “eclectic style.”

“Bek travels quite a bit,” says Hope. “I think it’s probably really hard to nail down her specific style because she is being ever influenced by the cultures she experiences when she is traveling.”

Staples, who notes that she’s single and looking, shared that she is hoping to find a rural home with a farmhouse look and lots of land.

See what Rebekah Staples finds when Season 6 of Home Town returns this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Erin Napier Announces a new Personal ‘Home Town’ Project

For years, Erin and Ben Napier have been creating dream homes for clients in Laurel, Mississippi. But this year, it’s their turn.

According to a People cover story, the couple will be renovating a country home during season six of Home Town. And it’s all theirs.

“We are doing a house for ourselves!” Erin revealed. “That is something very different.”

“[It’s] a place out near family land where we can go and let the girls run on the weekends,” Ben added.

But don’t worry, the new project won’t replace their current house. As Erin shared, she could “never not live in that house.”

“I love it forever,” Erin admitted. “But we were feeling it during quarantine. We have this tiny little yard in town for the girls to play in, but [Ben and I] grew up in the country, climbing trees and staying outside and not coming home until we were absolutely filthy at the end of the day. And we want that for the girls.”