‘Home Town’ Stars Ben and Erin Napier Reveal Secret To Their Success

by Taylor Cunningham

It’s true about what they say, teamwork makes the dream work. And that’s exactly how the Home Town Napiers have been so successful.

“We just don’t know any other way. I mean, this is something we were talking about the other night, but we grew up together,” Erin told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “I was 19 when we met, and now I’m 36. I’ve spent most of my life with Ben. It’s getting to the point where it’s about to be I’ve been with you longer than I haven’t.”

HGTV renovation stars Ben and Erin Napier have been married for 13 years. And during their time together, they’ve built an entire empire based on their Home Town series. The show, which is based in their own hometown of Laurel, MS, first aired in 2016. It’s currently about to jump into its 6th season. And because we all love it so much, three spinoff series have spawned.

The couple also has two children, Helen, 3, and Mae, 7 months.

During their chat with PEOPLE’s Kay Adams, Erin and Ben admitted that their secret to a rock-solid relationship and thriving stardom is simple. They “approach everything as a team.”

And the duo made it all sound easy. As Ben shared, “we became grown-ups together. Like, we started as grown-ups together.” So they know how to function as one. And As Erin added, they complement each other perfectly.

“We kind of formed our identities around each other in a way that I think is really healthy and good,” she said.”There are things I’m not great at that Ben is, and there are things that he needs help with.”

Watch Erin and Ben work together seamlessly when Home Town returns for its 6th season on December 6th.

‘Home Town’ Host Erin Napier Just Met Her Childhood Hero

Last week, Ben and Erin Napier met Drew Barrymore. And it was kind of a big deal for Erin.

The Home Town duo visited The Drew Barrymore Show on December 7th. Chatting with the E.T. star was a dream come true for Erin Napier because she just happens Erin’s childhood hero.

So once she wrapped up filming the episode, Erin jumped on Instagram to give a special thanks to Drew, which is something we should all do. Because as it turns out, there may have never been a Ben and Erin without Drew Barrymore.

“Today I met my childhood hero in person and hugged her neck and thanked her for the inspiration for this short haircut of mine that made @scotsman.co notice me on our college campus and ask me out on this day, 17 years ago. So, thanks @drewbarrymore for our love story,” she wrote. “WHAT A DAY.”