‘Home Town’ Stars Erin & Ben Napier Are Renovating Their Own Country Home in New Season

by Maria Hartfield

HGTV’s Home Town stars Erin and Ben Napier announced they’ll be featuring themselves in the upcoming season. The couple revealed their decision in this week’s PEOPLE cover story.

“[Ben and I] grew up in the country…and we want that for the girls,” Erin confessed.

The parents open up about their decision to buy a second home and the joys of raising two daughters in an interview with PEOPLE.

“We are doing a house for ourselves! That is something very different,” Erin gushed about the upcoming remodel.

“It’s sort of a hideaway for us, a place out near family land where we can go and let the girls run on the weekends,” Ben chimed in. He made sure to confirm they’re keeping their current place, “which has been Erin’s dream house since long before she met me.”

I can never not live in that house. I love it forever,” Erin said of their first home which she credits as the inspiration for her upcoming children’s book, The Lantern House. “But we were feeling it during quarantine. We have this tiny little yard in town for the girls to play in, but [Ben and I] grew up in the country, climbing trees and staying outside and not coming home until we were absolutely filthy at the end of the day. And we want that for the girls.”

Plans for Erin & Ben Napier’s new home

Much like all homes featured on Home Town, the Napier’s new project is still in need of some upgrades.

“It’s a very old house that was added onto in the ’80s,” Erin said of the home. They’re in the middle of making improvements to the kitchen, laundry room, and study as well as bedrooms for their daughters. The girls will also have a library and playroom as well as a “cousin cubby,” a special sleepover space for when extended family comes to visit.”

Ben added, “I think we’re finding our groove—and this place is going to help us.”

The happy couple got an early start on breaking the home in as they hosted Erin’s birthday on the property. Although the house currently has no water, it does have electricity. Guests of the gathering welcomed the rustic outdoor setting.

“It was great because there were all these kids: Helen and her cousins and some of our business partners’ kids. And there were no tablets or toys, but they played so hard for like three hours, just running and playing with sticks, and hide and seek. And it was just awesome,” said Erin.

“That’s what we want for them. Just play. Just go and play,” Ben added.

Erin & Ben’s new project will be featured on Season 6 of Home Town, premiering on December 26.