‘Home Town’ Stars Erin & Ben Napier Are Reunited With ‘Miracle Bunny’

by Keeli Parkey

In a story that could come straight out of a children’s book, the stars of “Home Town” were reunited with a pet they believed they had lost for good. And, unsurprisingly, it was a very joyous occasion.

Erin Napier shared the adorable true story on social media on Saturday, Oct. 23. Her tale began several months ago. “Guys. Helen’s bunny, Madison, disappeared 4 months ago. We let her run around the yard and she slipped out through a hole in the fence,” the ‘Home Town’ co-host posted on Instagram.

Of course, after Madison went missing, Erin and Ben Napier, her husband and co-host, did all they could to find the bunny. Unfortunately, all of their efforts to find their daughter’s pet rabbit were not successful. “We looked everywhere for her,” Erin also shared.

Flash forward to Oct. 23. A coworker of the famous couple’s spotted the adorable rabbit. This morning, our director, Kirk, found her hopping down our street and @scotsman.co (Ben) brought her home,” Erin reported. She then gave Madison a well-deserved nickname: “Miracle bunny.”

To share the good news, Erin Napier also posted a photo of her husband cuddling the pet rabbit. You can check it out below.

Ben Napier also shared his thoughts on Madison’s return. “She’s either singing ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘Band on the Run,'” been commented on his wife’s post.

Fans of the ‘Home Town’ Stars Share the Couple’s Joy About the Return of The Family’s Pet Rabbit

Unsurprisingly, fans and followers of the “Home Town” star were very happy to learn that Madison was safely returned to the Napiers and their daughters, Helen and Mae. “Woo-hoo. An answer to a little girl’s prayer,” one well-wisher commented.

“The fact that her name is Madison just gets me. Yay for her return,” one fan shared. In response to this comment, the “Home Town” star revealed that the rabbit was named after the mermaid character in the film “Splash.”

“It’s like Easter for Halloween,” another fan posted. “Here comes Madison cottontail hoppin’ down the bunny trail.”

Ideas for a book about the months Madison spent away from her family were also shared. One fan suggested the title reference Laurel, Mississippi, which is the hometown of the “Home Town” stars. “The Secret Adventures of a Laurel Bunny,” is the title. “I can see a fun book about Madison’s lost summertime travels and her fall homecoming just in time before winter arrives,” another follower suggested.

Another fan suggested Erin have a co-author for a book on the “Miracle bunny.” “You should write a bunny adventure story with Helen,” this fan shared.

The “Home Town” stars are currently filming the sixth season of “Home Town.” One can’t help but hope that Madison the “miracle bunny” will make an appearance.