‘Home Work’ Hosts on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network Respond To Accusations of Shoddy Work

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Shorty Awards)

Home Work hosts Andy and Candis Meredith are speaking out after allegations made by former clients got their show pulled from the Magnolia Network.

The complaints came from a number of people who hired the Merediths in the past. According to Deadline, those people claimed that the couple broke promises, ran unsafe work sites, and purposely busted budgets.

On Instagram today, Andy and Candis made a series of posts that explained the situation in more detail. They also posted various pictures and videos of the work they did for the initial accuser, Aubry Bennion. And the Merediths attached screenshots of text messages they shared with Bennion to further support their story.

“Although we are completely blindsided by the allegations made against us from projects of two years ago this week on a public stage, we are going to do our best to share more context to a one-sided narrative,” one post read.

“We are very proud of the work that went into this project,” they wrote in another post alongside photos of Bennion’s finished kitchen renovation. “We revealed this space on February 20, 2020. And [we] fully acknowledge that before this point in time there were hard conversations and misunderstandings about this project and budget. But we were absolutely under the impression that we had resolved those issues together. If Aubry was unhappy at this point overall, we had no idea whatsoever.”

The ‘Home Work’ Hosts Have Recieved Death Threats Due to Allegations of Shoddy Work

After defending themselves, the Home Work hosts then shared that their family has become the target of various threats

As Candis detailed in an emotional video, her children are being bullied at school, she and her husband have received death threats, and their home is now under constant police surveillance—all due to the allegations against them.

“These comments and judgments of us, stating that we are liars, thieves, and con artists are so extremely hurtful and based on one narrative amplified by others who were not part of any of these situations,” she added.

In all, the Merediths posted nine arguments against the allegations. In the end, the couple admitted that they took on too much work. And because of that, they did not do their best work.

However, they noted that they’ve been in the industry for over a decade. And in that time, only four clients have come forward with stories of poor work.

“There are inevitably going to be some who are dissatisfied,” the hosts added.

“We understand the frustrations, we really do,” the Merediths concluded. “But these should have been resolved privately, through any means of communication, within the last two years and not in this malicious and salacious attempt to take away our means of living.”

Read all the posts on Andy and Candis’s Instagram page here.