Homeowners From Magnolia Network’s ‘Home Work’ Recall Nightmare Renovation Experiences

by Megan Molseed

Recently, the Magnolia Network was gearing up to premiere another season of the popular Home Work series. However, the network has decided to pull the premiere for now, after at least three homeowners have come forward to report on the “chaos” they experienced working with Home Work hosts Candis and Andrew Meredith.

In some recent reports, including a series of Instagram posts, some participants in the new Magnolia channel series have alleged that their remodel projects turned into “nightmares.”

Some experiences included delayed construction, thousands of dollars worth of additional costs for incomplete or ill-finished projects, and “lack of communication” from the people leading the series, Home Work hosts Andrew and Candis Meredith.

Consequently, some of those affected by the alleged failure to remodel projects reported their experiences on Instagram.

In these posts, the homeowners shared the issues they had during the recording of the Magnolia Channel show.

Recalling A Nightmare Experience on New Magnolia Network Series

One of these homeowners is Aubry Bennion from Utah. Bennion says that she had recently finished renovating her bathroom when she applied to be featured in the new series. Bennion says her kitchen also needed an update. And she felt that Candis’s design style would fit well with what she was hoping to do in her kitchen.

“Candis is a great designer,” Bennion told the Today Show of her excitement to begin the project with the Merediths for the new Magnolia addition.

“I thought ‘This is a good chance to have a room,” Bennion continues. “Look like something Candis Meredith would do.’”

However, Bennion notes, what ended up happening was nothing compared to what she had anticipated. Additionally, the home-owner notes, she believes the series would not be upfront about the issues she encountered in the nightmarish experience.

“On the eve of a Magnolia Network cable launch, the well-edited version of the story will show only their side of October 2019 and beyond,” Bennion says in a series of Instagram posts detailing her experience.

“People, bank accounts, livelihoods, families, our health, sanity,” she adds. “all of us have been left on the cutting room floor.”

Another homeowner shares a similar experience working with the crew of the Magnolia series.

Noticing Something Is Wrong

“Two times, somebody fell through the floor into our basement,” Jeff Hawley says of the disappointing experience he had while working with the Home Work crew.

“There was another point where they started cutting a hole on a wall that was on the corner of where another door was, so two doors would be going into each other,” Hawley recalls.

“My wife was basically noticing something was wrong,” he remembers. “Calling Candis and saying ‘Hey, I think they’re doing this wrong.'”

Both Bennion and Hawley note that they also felt frustrations over a lack of transparency regarding the total cost of their projects.

“I truly don’t know if (Candis) understood the concept of her role as a project manager,” Bennion says. “To manage her clients’ scope and schedule and budget.”

“We don’t want to do this ever again,” Candis Meredith says of the situation.

“We never intended to hurt anybody,” the Magnolia Network star adds. “It’s just impossible to share a full truth without hurting people.”